Chapter 9

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Percy had been with the avengers for a few weeks now. He stuck closets to Bucky even if he was getting better around the others. the most awkward would probably be Steve with Percy. the two just did not know what to do with each other. Though they got better when Steve decided to man up and ask things about the eleven year old. They talked about his mom and what she was like, Percy had to stop all the avengers from trying to track down the missing Gabe once they heard what he had been like. Whether or not Percy knew it, he'd gotten all the Avengers wrapped around his finger.

Some of the more interesting confrontations between Percy and others had to be with Nick Fury and Hulk. They went a little like this...

How he met Nick Fury - 

Fury walked into the Avengers lounge room to find Barton and Romanov. He wanted them for a mission, but he did not expect to run into someone he'd rather have avoided. Percy Jackson. The second Nick had walked into the room the kid seemed to know it and turned to look at him from his book, that was written in Greek but the mist made it look like English to others.

"Why the f*ck are you here Alecto?" Percy asked in Greek, making the Avengers who were also in the lounge room look over. They were surprised when Fury answered back in the same tongue.

"I could ask you the same thing Sea Spawn."

"Wait... Perce, why did you call director Fury Alecto?" Buck was very confused. Percy just gave him a 'Why do you think?' deadpan look before looking back to Fury and pointing down a hallway.

Both the Director and Percy walked down said hallway, moments later shouting in Greek reached the ears of confused Avengers. During which Bucky realized.... Fury. Alecto was the name of one of the Furies, it means Constant Anger which fits the Director pretty well. Listening to the shouting, Bucky turned pale as a son of Hades.

Fury and Percy walked back into the lounge, Percy was smirking and Fury was scowling. The director opened his mouth to say something but when Percy's eyes narrowed and a low growl emitted from the boy, Fury's mouth snapped shut and he made  a beeline for the elevator.

Every  one gawked at Percy and he gave them a confused look. "What?"

Tony was the one to respond. "You just made Fury, the guy who's like a wall, run for the hills with a growl and a glare."

Percy shrugged. "Not hard when one of your best friends is the son of his boss." He couldn't exactly say cousin and uncle. Percy walked off to his room leaving the team to pick their jaws off the floor.

How he met hulk.

The avengers got called on a mission while they were out with Percy getting Ice cream because stark decided he wanted some. They had left Bruce and Bucky with him as it was supposed to just be a simple terrorist bomb, but then Bucky got called in. Bruce took Percy for Pizza while they waited. They got Pizza then the mission went code green.

That pretty much solved the issue with the mission, but now they had an angry hulk in the middle of new york.

Hulk ended up infront of the Pizza place he'd left Percy at. Percy however wasn't running like the mortals. No, He walked right up to the green guy and said three words that had everyone dumbfounded.

"Want some Pizza?" Was all he said, holding up an extra large pizza to Hulk. Thus was the start of Percy's friendship with the Hulk. And how every now and then the Avengers would find Percy and Hulk in the gym... playing tag or hide and seek. and how Hulk, learned that Percy was blind, though the Hulk did not let that information leak to Banner on Percy's request.


But those days had nothing on the shock they were in for today. Today Thor was coming back to the tower. Apparently he was bringing someone else with him. It was also the day the Avengers were going to attempt to give Percy a check up.

(yeah, so this isn't really gonna follow the Avengers movies very much... Why? Because I'm pissed at the ending of the first part of Infinity war. And the beginning of it. And just the whole movie in general. SPOILER WARNING: I mean really, you cant just kill off all those people! And why Loki?! I liked Loki!!! OK, done ranting. )

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