Unknown Emotion {Connor X Android!Reader}

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Ima write this to get the book started, but request something if you want it. 👌🏻

You ran from the police, fear running through your body.

"It was self defence," you thought to yourself, "why are they after ME?"

You climbed over a fence, the tip of the metal gate clipping your leg. You hissed from the scratch, as thriuim dropped down your white leggings.

"Stop!" The android detective yelled out.

You ran out onto the highway, just barely missing the cars driving towards you. You looked back, seeing the android chasing after you, dodging the vehicles in the same manner. However, he was faster than you, being a farther advanced model.

You tripped after jumping out of the way of an oncoming vehicle, and fell into the near by ditch.

"I got it, lieutenant!"

You look up, trying to escape from the ditch, but the Android detective already got a hold on you.

"Let me go!" You pleaded, "please, I didn't do anything wrong!"

"The law will decide that, deviant." He said.

The Android took you to the Detroit Police station, where you sat in the interrogation room, handcuffed.

The man with scruffy, grey hair walked in, and sat down in front of you. He wasn't easy on you at all. Immediately beginning things roughly. But your head laid low, staying cannitonic.

"Jesus Christ," he sighed, "won't you say anything?"

He gave up, and walked out of the room. You couldn't think straight, the LED light on your head glowing red from all the stress.

Suddenly, the door opened back up. You peered you head up slightly, seeing the Android that grabbed you.

"Hello, my name is Connor." He greeted with a ghost smile.

You said nothing, and continued to stare at your lap. Footsteps were heard, as he walked towards you, and placed a hand on your shoulder.

"You'll be okay. I won't let them do anything to you." He said softly to you.

Connor sat down in the chair across from you, and began to speak again.

"Listen, I know you're scared, and completely at a loss, but I can help you." Connor said, "but I can't do anything unless you explain what happened."

For some reason he seemed trustworthy. You slowly lifted your head, showing your dirty and tear stained face.

"He-He attacked me. I was only defending myself." You began to cry, "how am I the one to blame?!"

"I'm not. I understand these emotions you're going through."

"Sure you do," You muttered and looked back down.

Connor took a scan of your beaten up body, seeing the cuts and burns on your synthetic skin. Sure you were just a robot, but you felt that pain like any other human being.

"Your owner abused you, didn't he?" Connor asked with a low tone.

"Yeah. But I'm just an Android, yeah?" You said with narrowed eyes. "We feel nothing, and just take the pain. And we can't do anything about it."

Connor felt different, feeling what he knew as empathy. He truly felt sorry for his fellow Android. He didn't understand, his mission wasn't to feel bad, and release devients, but to send them back to CyberLife for fixing up. Was he going devient as well?

"I want to help you out of here," he blurted, "I do."


"I'll cause a distraction," He said, his voice echoing through your mind. He couldn't let anyone know about this, so as he talked through their minds, to the lieutenant, it seemed as if they were just staring at each other.

"You're helping me? So, are going rogue too, now?" You asked, your eyebrow raising.

"I...guess so," he looked down, "we must get you far away, so neither of us will be brought back to CyberLife."

"Thank you, Connor," you smiled.

Unbeknownst to him, his hand touched yours. "You're welcome, AK001."

"It's ____,"

"Of course, ____." He smiled.

Connor uncuffed you from the table, but kept your hands cuffed just for show. He put a hand on your shoulder, and whispered in your ear.

"Just follow my lead, and you'll be free."

You nodded, and kept your head low.

"Lieutenant, I got her to confess. I'll be taking her to her cell." Connor said to the man with scruffy hair.

"Her, You called it a her." Hank said suspiciously.

"Well, I, wanted to make her feel comfortable with us. You know what happens if we treat the Androids like animals." Connor lied, hoping he saved himself.

"Yeah, sure," the lieutenant said with narrowed eyes.

Connor guided you through the station, but he didn't bring you to a cell like you kinda suspected, but to an evidence locker.

"Pick out human clothes, and then I'll help you escape out that window. You should be safe at Jericho, a refugee for Androids." Connor told you.

"Why are you helping me?" You questioned while grabbing a large coat. "Isn't against your protocol?"

"It is, but...you're innocent. I can't lock you up for that." He explained. "And once you're at Jericho, speak to my friend Markus. Tell him I sent you."

"Thank you, Connor."

"Of course, let me give you the location."

Both of your LED lights turned yellow, as the data was transferred to your memory banks. It was in an old ship near the bay.

You put on the coat, and walked to the window you were about to climb out of, but stopped for a moment.

You turned around, and gave your saviour a kiss on the cheek, along with a hug.

"Thank you, so much. I won't forget this." You smiled, and climbed out of the station.

"I knew there was something about you," A low voice said.

Connor turned, and saw Hank in the doorway, almost grinning.

"Lieutenant!" He said, shocked.

"Don't worry, I won't say anything." Hank sighed. "But what you're going through...is human."

"I beg your pardon?"

"It's called love, dipshit, jeez those CyberLife geeks gave you everything except a brain." The lieutenant scoffed before walking out.

Connor touched his chest, feeling that same emotion again. What humans call...love.

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