Chapter 17 - Unfaithful.

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"No it's not." I argue.

"Zayn, I can give you what you crave. She can't."

"She gives me hope."

"Hope for what?!" She scowls.

"Kayla. I love her."

"You told me you were incapable of love."

"I was. But it's different now."

She looks at me in disbelief and a little annoyed. "If you didn't break the contract between us, it would have been you and I, not you and her."

I shake my head. "Give me a break, Kayla."

"You were probably scared of your own feelings towards me!" She shakes her head.

"She probably won't even understand why you're here. She won't understand what a dominant roll is."

"She doesn't need to understand. She's my girlfriend, not my submissive."

Kayla shakes her head again. "She won't understand either way. She'll think of the worse before she ever thought of it as after care."

"She's a normal person, she'll think we're both psychotic for even being in the same house." I sigh annoyed and stand. "I need to go."

"No!" Kayla stands suddenly. She grabs my face and kisses me and my whole demeanour changes. I'm thrown off guard. I wasn't expecting her to make this type of move so soon. She takes advantage of my shocked state and straddles me.

"What th-"

No! This is so fucking wrong but so familiar.


It's early in the morning when I find myself walking home. The sun is rising, my fucking dick is aching from these tight pants. And all I want to do is sleep.

Walking into the entrance of the Hyde park building, I dial in the code and enter the lift as my mind starts to stir.

I'm only thinking about one thing and one thing only; Victoria.

When the doors open, I walk into the kitchen or the library to find Victoria. My phones dead and so is my other one. The apartment is empty. The only place I could look is the room and I'm hoping she is there.

"Victoria?" I call for her as I walk up the staircase and peak into every room before heading to our room. Walking down the hallway, I open the door and see Victoria in bed.


I hear a toilet flush from the bathroom and James walks in.

"Oh hey man." He half smiles and I frown as he looks back at Victoria. He throws his hands up. "Nothing happened!" He blurts out uneasily.

I shrug him away and pull my shirt off. "Can you, give us a moment?" I murmur tiredly and he nods, leaving the room and closing the door behind me.

I take the stupid tight trousers off and slide in next to her, leaving me only in my underwear. She shrugs away and I sit up to face her. "You're awake."

"Where were you last night?!"

I sigh. "Victoria."

"You were out all night."

"Listen to me."

She turns to face me, her eyes slightly puffy and wet and I swallow.

"You've been crying?!"

"No shit!" She spits.

My expression softens. "Nothing happened between her and I last night."

She scoffs. "You were gone all night. How am I suppose to believe that?!"

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