32. Legolas' Murderous Intention

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Having arrived at Edoras ahead of the rest of the Fellowship, I waited for the return of my companions from Isengard, feeling excited to meet them again and be reunited with Merry and Pippin. I had missed those little troublemakers. With Eowyn by my side, we waited in comfortable silence as the wind blew our dresses and hair.

Then from afar I saw them; five stallions galloping to our direction. I fought the urge to jump up and down and run after them.

My heart melted at the sight of Legolas smiling face, his eyes shone when our eyes met. Then I beamed at my companions and the hobbits.

"Merry! Pip!" I exclaimed as they dismounted the horses and ran to hug me. I laughed heartily; relief and joy at seeing them again warmed my heart.

We all talked and chatted as we sat in the dining hall and caught up with each other. Merry and Pippin were telling us in details about their wondrous journey, how I saved them, including the gory details of how the orcs treated me. The latter part didn't bode well to my companions. Aragorn clenched his jaw, Gimli growled and Legolas' eyes darkened in a murderous way at Pippin's depiction of me being kicked away like a puppy by a bunch of mean, ugly kids.

I might had skipped that torture part when telling them my experience. I was sure by now that after we were alone I was going to have an earful of lecture because of this. Somehow Aragorn and Gimli had both implicitly adopted me as their sister, while Legolas was just his own overprotective self.

By now King Theoden, Eomer and Eowyn, along with some of his officials that I wasn't familiar with were looking at me in disbelief. Their food forgotten for a moment.

That of course, led the king to the direction of interrogating me of where I hail from. I sensed my companions tensed at the question. I had made a deal with them that I couldn't tell the others that I came from another world. I looked at Gandalf for help. His face was blank, but his eyes told me one thing : lie.

So I lied. I told them that I was an orphan and had no family (which was not exactly a lie), Aragorn found me back in Rivendell, and that I had been following him ever since, not wanting to be separated from the only family I've got. I also lied that I had a very vague memory of where I came from due to my previous head injuries.

I was so relieved when the lunch was over. I was talking animatedly with my friends, when a servant came and brought us clothes to wear tonight at the feast to honor the fell soldiers of Rohan.

As honored guests, all the Fellowship members were to attend the feast, and I reluctantly had to wore the beautiful, dark green dress that Eowyn lent me. Main reason it being too tight on the chest and abdomen. I had no idea why women of this age were so obsessed on wearing corsets that choke them to death in order to get that illusion of a smaller, narrow waist.

I took a bath from the buckets of water, drawn by a maid servant for me. I cleaned up well, glad that I had my rose oil and soap with me back from Lothlorien.

Eowyn came in to my room and helped me with my hair. It was simple and elegant, styled in a braided half up do. When I looked into the mirror I was surprised. All this time I had not paid so much intention with my look, what with all the quest and the war.

By now the bruises on my face were fading, almost invisible and my skin had turned to its normal, healthy color. The wound on my hip was still healing; I just hoped that it will mend itself very soon- it still a little bit hurt if I moved too fast or too roughly.

The wound didn't bother me much since it will always be covered, but the thing that struck me the most was how thin I looked than the last time I remember, especially when I was naked. I dressed up, and Eowyn told me how beautiful I was and I thanked her for the kind compliment.

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