The other man has been cut off by Thomas. "Which is why I have given this task to the two of you. If anyone knows about this serum, you better prepare a will."

"Yes, sir," the two Doctors say in simultaneous.

I hear Thomas coming towards my direction. In panic, I run towards Director's office before he can see me eavesdropping. My heart beat increase as I replay the event in my head. What is going on?

I bump into a hard wall in distraction and my books fall from my hands. I look up to see that I bump into someone's chest.

To be more accurate, Augustus's chest.

"Stay out of my way, newbie," he tells me, pushing me away from him.

I scowl back in reply. "Well, I'm sorry, Mr. Grumpy Pants."

He does not reply, only continue to walk down the hall.

What a jerk! He doesn't even offer to pick up my books!

With a heavy sigh, I pick up my books and hug them to my chest.

Today is definitely not a good day for me so far. My head is spinning with questions and ways to kill Augustus.

Gloomily, I enter Director’s empty office. Is it wise of me to ask him about what I just witnessed? He sounded desperate and wanting to keep whatever it is a secret.

Will this secret cost lives?

I take a seat at the leather chairs in front of Director’s desk. I have a sudden urge to look into the drawers and find anything that is related to this ‘serum’.

“Ah, Melanie. Sorry I’m late,” Thomas apologizes.

I give him a fake smile. “No worries, Thomas. I was just reading on the roman gods just like you asked yesterday,” I lie.

He smiles and takes a seat. “Good. Any questions?”

My mouth dries up immediately. Should I ask…? “What is going on in Great York, Thomas?”

Thomas’s head snaps at me with a loud crack. He has a wild look on his face. “Where did you hear about Great York?” he asks me through his gritted teeth.

“Everyone’s talking about it,” I answer innocently. It is true; all the HQ agent trainees were talking about it these few weeks, but no one knows what is really happening.

“Just hybrid problems,” he replies curtly. “How is your twin brother? Did Mary update you on his wellbeing?”

I look down at the thick mythology book. Mary calls me every night to tell me how Nate is. He’s been suffering without me.

An idea appears in my head.

“Can I visit him, Thomas? Just for a while?” I plead. “I promise not to let anyone see me, just let me see him!”

“I’m sorry, Melanie. You know I can’t,” he says sincerely.

“Only five minutes! Just five minutes and I’ll never ask for anything again,” I beg again, tears starting to fall again.

Thomas does not answer. I wipe my tears with my sleeves before the tears fall on my book.

“Melanie,” Thomas says.

I look up to see him staring at me.

“You’re dismissed for the rest of the day. I want you to read on the Japanese gods and I’ll quiz you tomorrow. I’ve texted Tyler to come and pick you up now,” Thomas says.


“No buts. My nephew is on his way and the only reason he’s skipping training is because I told him so. Take the day off, Melanie.”

I sigh and gather my books. Almost instantly, there is a knock on the door. Thomas opens the door to reveal Leo.

“Hello, uncle,” Leo greets his uncle.

Yes, Leo is Thomas’s nephew. I knew this the day after the duel. You can never believe how surprised I was when I found out about it.

“Tyler, I want you to accompany Melanie to her dorm. After that, I want you back in class,” Thomas says sternly.

Leo nods. “Yes, uncle.”

Without another word, I follow Leo. A part of me wants to tell Leo about what I saw. What I’m really about is that Leo might tell his uncle. Leo and Thomas are very close.

Looks like I’m going to have to do a lot of research on what’s going on.

Author's Note

Ugh, I have been sick the last few days. I can't type without my finger shaking! Now I have 6 essays to write in 24 hours. For this update's question: If you see Melanie passing by you anywhere, what would you do?





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