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Yeah I'm changing what my request page says. I realised how bad my last one sounded so I'm changing it😂. So I need request in order to keep writing. Ill think of things my self sometimes but if there are request ill try and do them. Ill look at request in other places but mostly post them on my most recent chapters and you'll highly likely be noticed. Or I might check my notifications and see your comment. You can message me if you'd like if you want a request and don't want everyone to know but uhh..... Other than this please send in request!

Update: Hey everyone I'm back after a long while! I'm sorry for not posting on here and all I don't really know what to say after being gone for pretty much an entire year. Now I'm probably expected to say that my writing skills have improved and I'm ready to go! But that's not it at all. I've stalled coming back here for so long that I came back to a book with 170k reads and 3k notifications. I don't have a good excuse for not posting at all but I do have a separate place where I post! If you guys ever find out where that is shoot me a message! Small hint: My name isn't the same but you may be able to find me from people who I like or follow.

Just an extra extra add on for any friends reading this in the future surprise! Betcha' wouldn't have guessed it was me hmm? My writing style is different here compared to other places so it's kinda hard to find. Now for anyone else... go back to reading the lemons and enjoy because I'm not sure if I'll make more.

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