Episode 153 - Divine Flower

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Nelaira decides to descend into the pit where Luki and Aurel had fallen in and gives Lorafiel her luggage and her Beacon. However, she doesn't give them the diary they found in the village ruins. Lorafiel sends the other two to restrain and search her for the diary. Nelaira realizes that during the battle it was them who hindered her escape which caused Aurel, and subsequently, Laica and Luki, to fall prey to the Tainted.

Her own comrades send her flying into a pool of Ink causing her to take a bath in the creature's disgusting remains. Lorafiel explains the reason why they had turned against her. It is because she had continued to translate the diary they found, even though she was ordered not to. Lorafiel, as the hidden Overseer of the group, has been given the job of ensuring that "forbidden things forever stay in the forbidden zone". And Nelaira, due to knowing things she shouldn't know became one of the things that should forever be buried in the forbidden zone.

Knowing that soon enough she would faint, Nelaira decides to hide and flee, to return only after she recovers. She creates a large area of effect Morph spell and escapes through an underground tunnel towards the exit of the Valley of Eternal Snow.

After a long escape, she finally faints. Upon waking up, her mind is hazy and filled with miscellaneous thoughts.

* * *

  Episode 153 – Divine Flower  

How will you face everyone's families? How will you be able to look them in the eyes? It was your responsibility to lead them, to protect them, to get them home safely.

Nelaira's form shook and wetness slid down her cheek.

With both Laica and Aurel gone, their son would become an orphan. Laica had forsaken her noble title all in order to marry Aurel. Neither one of them were close to their sides of the family. Their son would be all alone, with almost no support from anyone.

Even if she returned, locked in quarantine, what could she possibly do?

But, but! Laica is close to her sister! She will take good care of Evin! Nelaira shook her head violently.

Will she really? That same voice whispered. She might want to, but Thayns will surely oppose her taking Evin in. After all, his mother had forsaken her noble status to marry out.

But, even if she can't directly take him in, she can still support him! Nelaira argued.

How? Financially? As if he'd need money, Purge compensation for members lost in the line of duty is rather high.

Nelaira's stiff fingers clenched into a fist. He is old enough to take care of himself. He is a strong kid with Laica's explosive temper. Not easy to bully at all. He'll be alright.

...maybe. But what about Luki's kids?

The status of Luki's wife wasn't high in the Eeneva family to begin with, and her status in the Eryey family is not any higher. The only reason why they could live in peace so far was due to Luki's status as a capable healer and Purger.

But after he is gone...

You should know the best how cruel infighting between nobles can be. The voice continued.

At least they still have their mother! Nelaira sniffled.

Her? With that gentle and submissive temperament, their children will most likely be protecting her instead of the other way around. And what about others? You weren't very close to the other three, but they too had families, spouses, children, loved ones. Just like that, in mere seconds, the scourge mowed them down like grass. And you just stood there dumbly, unable to do anything. Were all your years of killing Tainted in vain?

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