10- Away from home

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Antonio looked at Sadie, waiting for her response "I'd really like it if you could join us, all expenses paid." He says with a smile.

"Of course I will, someone has to help watch the girls, and I wouldn't miss their birthday for anything." She says happily.

"Great, I'm just hoping that Harlow will be able to handle it, she's pretty weak right now." He sighed.

"Where do you plan on taking them?"

Antonio looks over at the girls and smiled "Walt Disney World."

When the girls heard where he said he will be taking them, they got even more excited and jumped up and down.

"Oh Fun!" Sadie says excitedly, looking at the girls.

"The girls have been wanting to go for a while now, and everytime they see a commercial for it, they beg to go. I thought it would be nice for Harlow to see the girls enjoy it and have their dreams come true before...."

He realized what he was about to say and didn't want to say it in front of his little girls "I just want Harlow to be a part of it, the girls experiencing Magic Kingdom, Hollywood Studios, etcetera."

"I'm sure she would like that, if anything I know that they rent out wheelchairs if she needed one.... it's just a thought."

"Yes, I'm sure that she will probably want to use one while we're there, she may feel a little embarrassed by it, but who cares. It wouldn't be a bad idea, and easier for her to enjoy."

"Well I'm going to go get everything set up, and let Harlow know." He says sounding happy.

Sadie turned around and stared at the piano, she's always wanted a Grand piano, and here she was playing one. She then started to remember when she first started playing, and was thinking that she could start teaching them how to play.

"Sadie can you play us another song?" Gabriella asked politely.

"Sure." She says, she started playing her favorite song, one that she always liked to play, Canon in D.

As she was playing the song on the piano, Antonio stopped in the hallway to listen to her play. He thought she was playing it perfectly. He then turned around to go back and watch her, standing in the doorway so that she didn't know he was there and watched her play, closing his eyes while listening to the music, and couldn't help but smile.

When she was done he clapped which made her turn around quickly.

"I thought you were getting things done?"

"I was, until I heard you play that song, I had to watch you play. You played it beautifully and perfect." He says smiling. "I'm just so amazed that you can play and you play it so well."

"Do you play?" Sadie asked.

"I do." He smiled. "I haven't played in a while with everything going on lately, maybe I should start playing again, it might help take my mind off of things, at least for a little bit."

"You'll have to play for me sometime."

He nodded his head "I can do that." He says, giving her a wink before turning around and walking away. He walked into his office and logged onto his laptop, booking the hotel and calling his pilot to get the plane ready.


A few days have gone by and it is now Sunday, Sadie was getting the girls ready to go when she heard a loud bang.

"I'll be right back." She tells the girls as she stood up to walk out of the room. She walked around, checking the rooms out. When she got to Harlow and Antonio's room, she saw Harlow laying on the ground.

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