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"So, Jace and Clary kissed. And you missed it." Izzy said, just as I entered the surveillance room, with my hair in a towel and a bottle of black nail polish in my hand.

"I'm not a fan of PDA anyway," I spoke, looking at a monitor.

Izzy gave me a knowing smirk. "You just wished it was you an-"

Suddenly, a loud, blaring, noise came from the screen. I looked up, alarmed. "What the-Huh?"

Jace turned to us. "There's something outside the perimeter." I set my bottle of nail polish down.

"I told you-" Alec began, but before he could finish his statement, Jace cuts him off. "Don't say it."

"What's happening?" Clary asked.

Isabelle sighed. "Looks like someone's trying to break in."

Alec handed me a seraph blade just as I stood up. "Could be the Circle." I said.

"Told you so." Alec said anyway.

Jace shook his head. "Too soon."

We rushed out of the Institute, seeing a dark figure move. "Don't move." Jace commanded.

"Drop what you're holding." Alec ordered. "Put your hands up."

The figure emerged from the shadowhunters, revealing Raphael. And in his arms, was a dead Simon Lewis.

• • •

"Oh, my God, Simon!" Clary cried out.

I pursed my lips. "People will be wondering what we found outside the perimeter."

"I'll go." Alec offered. "I'll tell 'em we didn't find anything. Nobody will come down here."

Alec was beginning to climb the steps when I rushed towards him. "I'll go with you."

"We found nothing." I announced to the lot who were awaiting the news. I removed the towel from my hair. "You know killing Simon is grounds for war, right?" I then whispered to Alec.

"I know." Was all Alec's replied.

• • •

"What's going on?" Alec asked as we entered the office. Maryse had informed us to meet her and Robert in the office, but she didn't say why exactly.

Maryse gestured to the couch. "Sit."

"Hello, Robert," I greeted, since I didn't have the chance to greet the man when he arrived a few days earlier.

Robert nodded in acknowledgement. "Hello, Amelia." He greeted back. It's no surprise Jace isn't here." He added.

"He got held up." Izzy spoke. "Said to start without him."

"I'm sure he has a good reason." Maryse said to her husband.

Robert cleared his throat. "Your mother and I-" he paused when Maryse gave him a look. "Okay, I requested a meeting with the Clave to inform them that the Seelies are siding with Valentine." He sighed, "and the Clave denied it."

"What do you mean?" I asked confusedly. "They don't want you coming to Idris?"

"There are rumors that local Shadowhunters have been interfering in Downworld affairs." Maryse told us knowingly. "But you three wouldn't know anything about that, right?"

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