Prologue: Message in a Dream

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What's up, everybody?! This is Firestorm40 and I'm gonna bring you guys a Kingdom Hearts Fanfic!  Let's see where this new story will take us. Do not forget to R&R! Happy reading! :)


Prologue: The Dreamworld

In a strange ethereal place a young boy with blue eyes, orange spiky hair with a few bangs covering his forehead, wearing a black and orange jacket with brown trimming with a large black collar, a black back, and a black stripe along the bottom as well as around each arm hole. It is closed with a zipper that is closed just a bit below his collarbone and slightly above his belt. He also wore loose fitting black shorts with a red belt and  large sliver buckle, as well as star chain hanging from the left side of his shorts. On his feet he wore light orange-brown hightops that are black on the bottom with a yellow stripe separating the two colors. His laces are black. He also had another pair of laces wrapped around his shoes at the ankle that are tied into a bow. On his wrists he sports thick red wristbands. Lastly, he wears a golden heart-shaped pendant around his neck. His name was Aptus.

He then noticed that he was floating around the ethereal place much to his confusion. 'Huh? What's going on? Where am I?' Aptus thought as he looked around.

(Cue 'Dive into the Heart' KH music)

Just then Aptus kept descending until he lands on what looked like a giant column somewhere in the darkness. He looked down and depicted a picture of himself looking as if he was asleep, with five other pictures containing the faces of a boy with spiky brown hair, a girl with short red hair, another boy with sliver hair, a girl with light-blue hair and an older girl with long, orange-brownish chestnut hair.

'So very much to do, so little time.' An unknown voice said causing the boy to jump in surprise. 

"Wha-Who's there!?" He shouted, looking all around for the voice.

'So many things to do, so little time.' The voice continued, 'Now please step into the center.'

The pre-teen was very hesitant, but he wanted to know where he was as soon as possible, so he will follow the orders. He stepped into the center.

Suddenly, three small pillars came out from the ground all around him. An object materialized on top of each pillar; a shield, a wand and a sword. 'The power sleeps within you.' The voice explained. 'If you give it form, it will give you strength.'

"What are you talking about?" Aptus asked, looking up at where he came from.

 'You must choose.' The voice told him, 'What power do you want the most?'

"What power?" The boy asked rubbing his head,

'The sword will give you strength, the shield will give you defense, and the wand will give you magic.' The voice explained, 'Choose wisely.'

Aptus didn't know what to think of the situation. He looked at each item for a while, then he walked up to the sword. "Seems strong enough." He said, grabbing it.

'The power of the warrior. Invincible courage. A sword of terrible destruction. Is this what you choose?'

 "Yeah, sure." The boy said, swinging the sword around.

'Very well then.' The voice replied, and suddenly the sword vanished from the boy's hands. 'Your path is set.' It continued, 'Now, what will you give up in exchange?'

 "What I will give up?" Aptus asked. He knew this was too easy. He looked at the two remaining objects. Will he give up defense or magic. Considering his fighting style, he walked over to the wand and picked it up. 

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