It was strange, this feeling of constant butterflies and the constant state of being happy around someone was nothing I have felt before. I kept on referring to the phone call with Belle and how her words affected me that morning. It still affected me in a way, I was still worried when the third stage of the love will drop into my life unexpectedly since I'm avoiding sharing my past with Harry and that was one thing Belle mentioned.

There wasn't any chance that Harry's imperfections were perfections, not in my eyes at least. He has imperfections and I planned to keep them in my 'turn off' list. His perfections, stayed perfections, which he had too many of.

I also couldn't forget about Noah, he came into my life unexpectedly. He just bumped right into my life and weirdly enough I'm now going on a cheesy date with him this Sunday.

I was brought back to reality and I soon remembered the subject we had been talking about for a while. This was the first time in the night where we actually went deep into our past. Well, Harry's in fact. 'Well, of course, you would. She is your mother.'

'Exactly. She is my mother.' His voice was so soft, so pretty and I couldn't help but enjoy it too much. 'She was there for me, every time I needed her and when I moved out, I wasn't always there for her and I guess we faded slightly over time and now I barely see her. Of course, when we do see each other it's one of the best days of my life but I wish I had it more often, y'know?' he tilts his head over to see me and I slightly smile in sympathy for him. But deep down, I didn't know.

I nod in response knowing I'd be lying if I was to say anything. 'I haven't seen her in a while now.' he chuckles slightly to lighten the mood and I notice he was feeling quite upset. I move over to him a little more and lock my arm with his again. I leant my head onto his shoulder and we slowly made our way back to the car.

The moments from then on to the car were a sudden blur. I kept on over thinking Belle's three stages of love and if their effect had reached me yet. I couldn't stop thinking about how accurate Belle had been. I mean, I've had two heartbreaks already even though they were anything real which is what Belle had mentioned.

But there wasn't a chance that I was looking for love at the moment. I had always been one to focus on my education and my career and that is what I am focusing more on this year. And as Harry walked us back to the apartment, I turned my head slightly to look at him unlock the door and I hoped that he wasn't what I was liking so much.

He let me walk into the empty lounge room first and I plopped my handbag onto the couch and I slipped off my shoes, carrying them to my room.

'Leaving so soon?' Harry's voice startled me slightly over the eerie silence of the room. I turned my aching body around to face him and I notice his body also looked tired. What else could he possibly want to do at this time of night?

'I'm so tired.' I choke out a proper laugh and I watch with my droopy eyes as he begins to walk alongside me to his bedroom.

'Can't argue that.' I watch as he stops at my door and I stand before him in confusion. I wasn't sure what he was trying to communicate by standing at my door, so we stood in awkwardness looking at each other in confusion.

'There is no chance, Harry.' I chuckle, rolling my eyes at him waiting for him to move. The date was great, but there was no chance he was getting more then he deserved.

'What?' he raises his brow then his face drops in realisation. 'No, I'm trying to be a gentleman.' He gestures to the door, opening it. The door swings open and I am still stood looking at him.

'This was awkward. We don't talk about this again.' I point my finger at him and laugh as I make my way inside of my room. He laughs back.

'Goodnight, Anna.' Harry's voice was soft again and I get pulled into his torso and I feel his arms wrap around my shoulders. I was shocked by the sudden quick movements but soon after I realise he was, in fact, hugging me, I rested my cheek onto his chest and wrapped my arms around his body.

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