Chapter 18

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Edward's POV:

I woke up earlier than expected and I was holding MayMay's hand and I didn't realise that I fell asleep while singing to MayMay. I saw Marco and Kisses sleeping on both of the couches, so I decided to buy some food for all of us but on the way out I bumped into the guys

"Oh hey guys, you're early" I said and they nodded their heads

"We wanted to see if MayMay's alright" Bailey said and I nodded my head

"She's in room 105, can two of you guys come with me? I'm gonna buy some food for May, Kisses and Marco, and for you guys na rin as well" I said

"I'll come with you" Ronnie said

"Me too" Markus said and I nodded my head

"Well you guys go to MayMay, I think she's still sleeping" I said and they nodded their head and walked to the direction of her room and me, Markus, and Ronnie went to go buy some food

Kisses' POV:

I was in the middle of a beautiful dream but then I felt someone shaking me and I just groaned

"Kisses wake up!" I heard Marco yell and I just opened my eyes and I saw him and Edward's friends

"What are you guys doing here?" I asked them

"We heard what happens to MayMay from Edward so we decided to visit her" Ricci said and I just nodded my head, a few seconds later a nurse walked in

"Good morning ma'am sirs" He said

"I'll just check on the patient and give her her medications" He added and we nodded our heads and he did what he had to do then Edward, Markus, and Ronnie came in the room with food

"Hey guys, goodmorning! Is May alright?" Edward asked and the nurse looked at him

"Sir okay naman po yung patient, she just needs rest, I'll ask Lang po the doctor when she'll be able to go home" He said and Edward nodded his head and the nurse went out and they set the food on the table and he went to Ate May and me and the others looked at each other

"May wake up na, we have food for you" He said while waking her up and she woke up and looked around

"Good morning guys" She said

"Good morning Ate May" Marco said while walking over to her and kissed her forehead and I walked over to her and kissed her cheek

"Good morning Ate May, did you have a good rest?" I asked her and she smiled and nodded her head

"Yah I did" She said

"Well May we have food for you, you have to eat" Edward said and Ate May looked at him and gave him a smile and nodded her head 

"You guys bought food?" She asked and he nodded his head, bakit parang kinikilig ako dito sa dalawang toh, they're actually cute together. Yiiiieeeeeeeee!!! 

"Will you excuse us for a moment?" I asked and they looked at me and nodded their heads and I dragged Marco with me outside and closed the door behind us 

"Why did you drag me out here?" He asked with a confused look on his face

"Do you not see it?!" I asked 

"See what?" He asked 

"They like each other!" I said 

"Who?" He asked 

"Ate May and Edward!!" I exclaimed and he just looked at me

"What?!" He exclaimed and I nodded my head and jumped up and down

"They're so perfect for each other kaya!!!" I said 

"I don't want Ate May to get hurt" He said 

"She won't get hurt, I know Edward will take care of her, I see how much he cares for her, even if he doesn't see it, I see it" I said and he looked through the window of the door and looked back at me and nodded his head

"But if he hurts Ate May, he's done, the deal is over, and he will never be able to see Ate May ever again" He said and I just sighed and nodded my head

"Sige na, let's go back in" I said and we went back in 

"What did you guys talk about?" Ate May asked and we both looked at each other 

"Umm just some stuff about school" I said and she nodded her head 

"Well Ate May you have to eat na" Marco said and she nodded her head

"But you guys have to eat with me" She said and we smiled and nodded our heads and I looked at the others

"You guys rin, kain na kayo" I said to the guys and they nodded their heads

"I'll set up the food" I added

"I'll help you" Donny said and I smiled and we set up the food and I heard the guys and Ate May teasing us 

"Oh shut up" I said 

MayMay's POV:

"Oh shut up" Kisses said because we were teasing her and Donny and we all laughed then I felt a pain in my stomach so I brought my hand to my stomach 

"MayMay are you okay?" Edward asked and I just nodded my head

"Yah I'm fine, just a little pain in the stomach" I said and smiled and nodded his head 

"I'll call the nurse just to be sure" He said 

"You don't have to do that" I said and he shook his head

"No, I have to, mamaya may mangyari pa sayo" He said and I just sighed and nodded my head and he walked out the room and Kisses began to squeal 

"Kisses what's wrong? Are you okay?" I asked her and she nodded her head and jumped up an down

"Kisses calm down" I said 

"Ayiiiieeee Te May kinikilig akoooo!!" She exclaimed and we all just looked at her 

"Kinikilig saan?" I asked her 

"Sa inyo ni Edward!!" She said 

"Bakit ka naman kinikilig?" I asked her 

"Nako Ate May, ang manhid mo" She said and I looked at the others

"Is there something I should know?" I asked them 

"Not that I know of" Iñigo said and the other guys agreed with him but Marco just looked at me 

"Marco" I said 

"I can't talk about it" He said and tried to calm down the jumping Kisses, I sighed, hmmmm they're hiding something from me


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