Chapter two: Wicked faith

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It was horrible, I had slept here for many nights that I had lost count, the place was really dark and dirty; each time I tried to clean a spot for myself I get attacked by bugs. The cell was really cold the day in between has been brutally hot, with the room's lone, small window shut tight near the rafters. But the temperature plunged as darkness fell, and vermin always sought my warmth.

My stomach cramped once again, I tried to clutch it to stop its rambling, but the rattling of my chains brought me back into reality, I have been chained like an animal thereby I can't move a limb. My prison was very different from that of a refugees camp. Emptied of animals that these people are, it still stank of them. It was a permanent place built of stone, fitted to a larger building

Memories from days before came rushing into my mind again; I considered myself capable, rational person but I have already begun to drift into minor delusions. The day had been scorching, fetid twilight, the nights of a cold sewer. Dehydrated, I worried about getting mad but my iron sanity prevailed.

I heard voices coming in the direction of my cell, I don't know what's happening out there but it was like a fight was going on.

The door to my cell suddenly flew opened, reveling sir Allen, he smirked at me walking towards me then hauled me up removing my chains, then said the word have been waiting for all along

"It is time for your faith to be decided, you scum"

With that he shoved me into the arms of the guards waiting outside the cell like a rag doll, I had no strength to protest nor do I wish to since I knew I was going to die anyway. On a normal day I could beat these men senseless but I couldn't feel my strength anymore, I guess when I was struck, everything I had was taken along with it.

People threw things at me, some called me names, others laughed and made jokes of me. Through the long walk from the cell to the palace or wherever it was they where taking me to I just zoned out, I could see every face pointing and laughing at me, some kicking, hurtful words thrown at me.

I was doomed never going to have my glory again I was a princess, if things where right these people wouldn't dare look at me nor touch me, but because of the choices we made things would never be the same.

Finally we arrived at a very large hall filled with men on grey suits and ladies with gold gown and others with the traditional knit and guards, this must be the court room, my eyes roamed around searching till my eyes finally landed on the one figure that terrorize me beyond reasons.

She was also looking at me with deadly blue eyes, filled with hatred and something else I couldn't point on.

I was pushed on the floor to kneel, that I did but not with shame but with pride.

"And look who's proud " her voice soft and tiny that sounded like that of a child but never be fooled behind it, is filled with authority that demanded respect

Laughter erupted in the hall followed by insulting words at me

"That's enough" she said raising her hands to stop them, the hall immediately fell quiet, she was different from the others, taller like a giant but petite.

"You first daughter of the Amazon, warrior amongst all warriors, killer of the night and Beauty of the day, princess to the throne in line to be queen, you dare come to my home and removed my heart, to what to I own this courtesy" She beamed

I was going to die anyway, I must say all I ever wanted to say, my mother had told me to shut the thought, my father said it could get me killed, I said it could bring victory and my loyal servant said they would stand by me but they were all gone now all because of this witch and her selfishness.

"I did what I had to do moon goddess, it was for the best, I... " laughter from the hall made me short of words, even the moon goddess laughed along with them it took toll for about five minutes before she made the hall go silent.

"You may continue " No one could miss the hatred beneath those words even I was scared for my own tongue

I took in a sharp breath before I continued

"You gave us all life, you created me , you made us all to know our rights and to always do what's right, but what you never did was to appreciate our work, we abided to your rules yet you kill thousands of my people each year, why? We were faithful, fighting for you, killing for you, bringing honour to your name" I took in a sharp breath my voice growing higher and higher than I thought it could.

"You act like you care, but no you don't, you're a queen of all queen, mother to all breeds of the moon creatures and hand of the amazon but what you are forgetting is that you are like a devil on white clothes "

Gasp of horror filled the room, if the moon goddess was affected by my words she never showed it.

"Kill this fool"

"She has no respect at all"

"Who does she think she is to talk to the queen of all queens in such manner "

"The moon goddess should spare her no mercy! "

Angry words were thrown at me, the guards had marched me down, flat on my stomach for speaking that way to the moon goddess, and Sir Allen has taken his toll to pull my hair in his grip with a knife ready to slit my throats.

I should be concerned, scared but I felt nothing, that bitch hasn't heard it all from me yet I still had a lot to say.

"Give me the honor to kill this fool your grace"

She stared at me, I returned it with a glare then she smirked and turned to sir Allen

"Death is too peaceful my dear servants, I have other better thing to make her do while she lives" she said then turned to me, the hall grew silent while awaiting her punishment.

Death, wasn't coming for me this has to be a joke, a very funny joke, am meant to die what does she has in store for me if she wants to keep me alive?. As if answering my question she spoke

"You are a traitor, and a traitor must get punished, death is the ultimate deal for traitors but because of your blood line I would let that slide I don't want your blood on my hands, you are going to be stripped off all your titles and become my personal slave, you would do whatever I want you to, kill for me, fight by me, go fetch water, bring my food, make my bed, whatever it is I want you to do. You shall have no mate, love no one but me of course " she said while laughing, everyone in the hall followed her then she raised her hand to silence them and continued

"You will be whatever I want you to be, no love, no mate, no family, you have no one but me, you follow no rules but mine to abide to, my rules and your life is in my hands, you disobey me then something worse than death will befall you that you will wish you never went against me"

"This can't be happening, am a traitor am meant to die, die I say and not be yours to command as you wish, this is too much" I said while crying, crying badly

"You may take her away now" she said dismissively

The guards immediately hauled me up taking me away, I fought against them I dunno where the strength came from but I fought knocking most of them, I was confused but I had no time to question the one person I needed to end was in this room

"This is not fair! " I screamed lounging at her before she swiped her hands in the air and a great force pushed me into the wall, I could hear breaking of bones in my body, the next thing she was in front of me

"If you are forgetting Alexia, you are nothing compared to me, I can kill you with a snap of a finger, you stubborn daughter of Amazon."

"You ask why I kill thousands of your people each year, it's because I saw this coming, I killed everyone that was going to fight by you child, you can never outrun me"

"Now kneel "

I knelt down before her with no remorse, no hatred, no beef. Just then I knew my life had changed, I am hers to control as she wished.

I'm her personal servant

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