30. The Little Girl & The Woodcutter

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Days had passed since the day I awoke on the bed in healing tent in Helm's Deep. Legolas didn't hate me or despised me for my crazy emotional outburst that day. Instead, he had shown me great understanding and appreciation for my openness.

My companions were going to have a short travel to Isengard. Legolas offered to stay behind and accompany me instead, but I refused, knowing that he had an important task to do there.

"You have a role here. You have an obligation to be with the Fellowship. You need to go with the others," I said to him, shooting him my knowing-thy-fate look.

Legolas sighed. "It will be almost a week until I see you again. What if something happens to you when I am not around? I will never forgive myself if I am not present when you need me," he said worriedly.

I smiled at his protectiveness that seemed to be magnified these days. I shook my head and hugged his side.

"You still have the coin I gave you?" I asked, looking up to him.

"Aye," he smiled as he dug into a pocket in his tunic and showed me the glistening coin under the moonlight. 

"I have mine too," I said showing him my coin. "These items might not be magical, but have faith that wherever we go, as long as we still have the coins with us, it will bring us back together again."

Legolas eyes softened as he pecked on my temple and looked at me affectionately.

"Wasn't it proven already?" I asked him with a grin. 

"Aye. We were reunited together again, but with you almost bleeding to death," he said frowning. I laughed and I kissed his cheek. I thought he blushed a bit at that and I giggled.

"I promise the next time we meet, I will not bleed to death or dying. I will try to look pretty for you and very much alive," I promised him and he sighed, smiling. "I heard there will be a feast once we all arrive in Edoras. It's a great occasion to play dress up."

"You always are pretty and beautiful, melleth nin," he said as he brushed a strand of my dark hair behind my ears.

It embarrassed me. How could he said such nice things and looked at me like that, as if I was the most beautiful girl in the whole world while I knew that I looked terrible, with scratches and fading bruises on the side of my face?

Especially with him looking like that. He looked like he jumped out of a magazine's cover, all with his perfect glowing skin, soft hair, tall and lean posture and immaculate elven appearance. He was like Adonis and I was like that supporting actor that worked at the background of the scene being the random, sad gardener.

I forced a smile and let go of his arm to look away. I pretended to gaze intently at the stars above us as I suddenly felt inadequate to be beside him.

"What's bothering you, my love?" he asked me and I could feel his eyes boring a hole to the side of my head.

"Nothing," I answered nonchalantly.

"You lied," he said softly, disappointment flashed in his eyes, "You promised me that you will tell me if anything ever bothers you. Do you remember?"

I paused for a moment, forming words in my head before answering him.

"You ever said that an ellon would court an elleth for some time before deciding to marry her, didn't you?" I said before looking at him.

Legolas lips upturned into a smile, amusement twinkled in his eyes. I wondered what he was thinking, but ignored it and continued.

"Is it possible that during the uh, courtship... he change his mind along the way and court another elleth?"

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