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"Alright. What flavour? I think they have Cherry Bomb." Tami shrugs.

"Cherry Bomb, please." She mumbles, a slight blush on her cheeks. I smile at her. I hope this might help her memory as well. Maybe.

"Cherry Bomb it is! Mmm maybe I'll have that too." A small little smile greets her lips and she looks up, light shinning a bit in her eyes. I think I'm helping her cheer up. "I'll be back in a tic." Tami nods and I get up, the feeling of her eyes on my back. I'm just hoping she feels better. And I hope Ruby and Victoria don't show up. If they do then someone's face is getting punched in and I know it's not mine.

"Hi, how can I help you?" The server asks.

"Can I get two Cherry Bomb cones." She nods.

"That's $6.50." I hand her the change and wait for the ice-cream. Not even a second later, ice-cream was in my hands and I was walking towards Tami and the booth. She was humming softly staring out the window, tapping her fingers on the wooden table. She looks so adorable right now. I just want to kiss her all over the face and hear her giggling.

Walking over to Tami I sit down and push her cone over to her. "One Cherry Bomb for the lovely lady and another for me." I beam at her and she takes her ice cream eating it up.

"Does it taste Good?" I ask, licking the sides of the cone." She nodded.

"Glad we came. I've been craving ice cream for a while." I chuckle and watch her. She frowns looking at her ice cream. That set warning bells in my head. Is the ice cream bad? Did I do something wrong? "You know.. This feels weird. It's Like... It's Like I've been here before. Done this before... with you." I bite my lip and stare down. Should I tell her?

"Tami there is something you should know-"

"Tami!" That voice... why does she have to be here. Tami instantly freezes, her hands clenching together. Shit. Quickly, I take Tami's hand and rush out, pulling her away from Ruby.

"Let's go." I feel her hand clench into mine, following after me. I smile at the warmth and sit her in my car and move to the drivers seat. "I wanna take you somewhere." I know I haven't taken her there before but it's a nice place and I can tell her about her memory loss.

We drove in silence, Tami laying her head on the window humming to the soft sound of the radio. I took the car to a left and instantly you could see the glittering sea. Tami's eyes widened and sat up in her seat. I smile at her and park the car and Tami got out and stood holding the car and watched the sea.

I walked to her side and held her around the waist, walking her across the sand. "Its so beautiful." Your the beautiful one, I thought to myself. I sit her down and take off her shoes and let the water touch her feet. She giggles at the coldness. "Thank you."

"I just thought that you wouldn't want to stay there." She shyly smiles looking at the water. It was still day time but you could see the sun is starting to set as the day goes by.

"Wynter why are you being so nice?" I sigh and lean back on my hands.

"You remember you were in the hospital right?" She nods.

"Yea I was in a car accident." I nod.

"I'm about to tell you something okay." She nods her head listening. "It was your birthday and you were heading over to my place. You didn't know that there was a surprise party waiting for you. On your way to my place... a car hit you from the side which caused your car to... flip." I rub my face, tears about to leak. "Tami the day you woke up... it was the happiest day of my life. To know... to know that your okay but. When you looked at me like you hate my guts. I didn't know what to do with myself. Tami... you, you've lost yout memories." I didn't look at her. I knew that she was shocked and probably mad at me.

"Wynter... please look at me." I shook my head. "Wynter please." Sighing I turned but when I turned I didn't expect her to be crying.

"T-Tami I'm so sorry." She leaned in and kissed Me, cutting off anything I have just said.

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