Chapter 10

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I groaned as Mara and Lily picked me out a dress "If I have to wear a dress can I at least choose it?" I asked while looking at the strapless pink dress with sparkles all over it that went down to my knees."Fine but me and Lily have to approve it" She said as she handed me some dresses.I perked up and went into Mara's walk in closet and changed into a strapless blue dress with a sleek top and a ruffled bottom.It was the dress on the top and it looked appealing so I put it on.I walked out the closet and Mara shook her head and Lily said "It's just too.....Plain" I sighed and walked back in.After what seemed like hours I finally found one that I really loved.It was a strapless blue dress with a sweetheart neckline and it went a little past my knees and had a pretty sparkly belt that made it hug my curves.It had a layer underneath it and it was gorgeous.I walked out hoping that they liked this because if they didn't there was really nothing else.I sighed and walked out the closet."Omggggg that's bea-u-ti-ful I approve!" Lily squealed.Mara looked at me "Spin around" I spun around and she nodded "I approve" I squealed where'd that come from? I shook my head and went to look for shoes.I wanted to wear a pair of my blue flats but Mara had other ideas.She grabbed a pair of blue heels with crisscross straps.I groaned as I slipped them on and fiddled with the straps.When I finally got the straps on I stood up and walked to the mirror and tried to do something with my hair even though it looked ok as it was.I brushed through my hair and made it to where it framed my face and flowed past my shoulder,my hair has grown a little longer.when I was done I put on concealer,some blush and just a little mascara.When I turned around Mara and Lily looked at me with awe "You're gorgeous!" They squealed and I rolled my eyes "It's just a dress and make-up" Mara and Lily then got dressed in their dresses.Mara wore the pink one she wanted me to wear with pink high heels with studs all around it.It was way to girly for me.Lily wore a black dress with sparkles at the neckline and black flats.

How'd she get to wear flats?!?!

"Time to head downstairs" Mara squealed,she insisted that I do a grand entrance.Mara walked down the stairs and next Lily then the both stood side by side "And now here is Natilie the birthday girl" Mara said to everyone in the room.I took in a breath and began walking down the stairs holding on to the rail like Mara suggested.I smiled at everyone.When I got to the end the music started playing and I got lost in the crowd.I still danced to the beat and felt tingles in my hand as I felt his warm hand touched my hand.I turned around to find Carter I stared into his eyes for a second then turned away,he still rejected me.I struggled to get out of his grip."Why do you run from me?" he asked looking at me perplexed.I let out a sarcastic laugh "You rejected me remember?" He looked at the floor then to me "I-I'm sorry can I please make it up to you?" I looked at him like he was crazy.He rejected me because his friends were watching and he insulted me and I can hold grudges so this was not happening "Yes" wait what just came out my mouth?!?!? I wish my brain was faster then my mouth.He smiled and I turned away "no I-I have to think about it" His smile left and was replaced with a frown "Natilie please" I shuddered when he said my name.I looked at him then back in front of me."I need time Carter" now it was his time to shudder.He nodded and handed me a box then let go of me and I walked away.Why did he have to have this affect on me? I instantly forgot about him as my friends came up to me with gifts.Mara got me some girly bracelet that had my name on it I thought it was pretty just a little girly.Lily got me sneakers and a new phone case I loved the phone case it was blue with my name in a corner then a panda eating a cookie,it was bizarre,but I loved it.Seth got me a clothes which was simply a T-shirt and shorts,Mara helped him.I was flushed with other gifts but I can't remember who I got them from.My parents got me...........A CAR!!! I screamed when they handed me the keys.I don't know what kind it was.I'm not good with cars.I finally went upstairs and changed into a pair of sweat pants and another oversized shirt.Then I jumped in bed.Then I remembered Carter's gift.I found it on my nightstand where I left it.I opened it to find a moon shaped necklace it was a blue color with specks of pink just like what my eyes turned when I transformed.A smile traced itself on my face.It was beautiful.I put it on my nightstand to wear in the next morning.

One chance and only one I repeated in my head as I fell asleep


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