25. Forget

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❝ forget ❞

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ONE walked ahead while the other followed from behind silently. The whole flight was awkward since Jungkook was acting different, more like he was back to his old self. The rude one.

And of course, Jihae wasn't surprised, not anymore. She was struggling to drag a suitcase as well as to carry a bag. "Jungkook, help me with this," she said in a low voice but enough for him to hear.

He turned around only to turn back again and continued walking. "What the-" She rolled her eyes and kicked the suitcase.

No other option, so she ended up carrying all by herself.

A car was waiting for them and Jungkook got inside followed by Jihae. "You didn't help me earlier, right? So get out of my car." She lightly pushed him, expecting him to fight back but she was surprised at what he did next.

Without wasting a single second, he walked out and slammed the door before taking his luggage. "I was joking. Get inside." She called him but he already walked away, leaving her dumbfounded.

Hurriedly, she got out of the car and searched for him but he was nowhere in the sight. "I should stop worrying for him. He is a grown-up man." She convinced herself and got into the car.

Jungkook took a cab and the only thing in his mind was, to stay away from her so that the damage would be less when she leaves.

After about twenty minutes, he reached home and directly went to sleep because he was tired after a long flight. Later, when he woke up, he heard some noises from the living room so he went to check.

There he saw her on the couch, watching a drama, with a guy glued beside her. Jungkook walked to them and stood right in front of them. "What the hell are you doing here?" he asked the guy with a straight face.

"Jungkookie, you woke up." Jimin tapped the space beside him, asking him to join them.

"WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU DOING HERE?" He suddenly shouted, making the other two jump. "Is that how to talk to your hyung?" Jimin asked, pretending to get angry.

"You know what? Just do whatever you two want to. I don't care anymore." He kicked the table and walked out of the house.


Jihae was about to follow him but she was pulled back. "Was he jealous?" Jimin whispered in her ear. "Why would he?" she scoffed.

"Maybe he likes you." He poked her cheeks. "Shut up." She pushed his hand away and tried to act cool, but his words somehow affected her.

"Anyways, where was I?" She changed the topic. "Honeymoon," he said only to get hit by her.

They continued watching the drama but the drama was only an excuse. Jimin continued asking her about their honeymoon and surprisingly she told him everything.

After an hour, "That much only, didn't you two do anything else?" he asked and also expected the impact, getting hit by her for more than tenth time.

The drama ended, so did their talks after Jimin got a phone call from his father. "I need to go," He pouted.

"Bye-bye." She waved her hands right in front of his eyes. "I thought you'd ask me to stay," he said and rolled her eyes, pretending to be angry. Well, she also rolled her eyes at him.

Soon his expression changed into a cheeky smile. "Think about what I said earlier. He was jealous," he said before he walked out of the house.


And she was left alone.

It was already dark but Jungkook still wasn't home, so she decided to call him but he didn't respond her call. He finally answered the call. "What?" he spoke from the other line.

"Shall I make dinner for you?" she asked and waited for his answer.

"Go and ask your Jimin," he said and she sighed.

"I already ate." He hung up the call.

Jihae lazily dragged her legs to the kitchen and made something to eat. Right after she finished eating, the doorbell rang and she went to open it. There he was standing right in front of her.

Ignoring her presence, Jungkook walked in and to the kitchen and she followed him. He grabbed a water bottle and struggled to open the lid.

"I'll do it for you." She tried to help him.

"Stay away from me." He pushed her away.

And his time, Jihae lost her shit. "WHAT THE HELL IS YOUR PROBLEM?" she shouted at him.

"YOU." He pointed at her and was about to walk away when her words made him halt on his steps.

"Few months left until this problem will be out of your life," she said and tears started to well up in her eyes. She wondered why was she hurt by his words.

"Good for us," he said and walked out. A bitter smile formed across her face and wiped her tears away before she started cleaning the kitchen.

After she was done, she walked to her room where Jungkook was already sleeping.

As he asked her to stay away from him, she went to check his room to sleep there but the room was locked, so she went back to her room and grabbed a pillow.

She covered his body with the blanket before walking to the living room. "Couch seems comfortable today." She placed the pillow and laid down.

Inside the room, Jungkook wasn't asleep. He couldn't sleep. He gave up and walked out only to see her sleeping peacefully. He walked to her and kneeled down. "How can you sleep peacefully here?" He sighed.

He carried her and brought her into the room. "Sleep here." He put her on the bed and walked to the balcony.

Staring at the sky, he wondered why couldn't sleep then he realised, earlier he slept for seven hours straight. He walked here and there in the room, stopping every few minutes to check on his sleeping wife.

His phone started buzzing and he checked his phone. It was a call from his mother. He answered the call. "Come to meet me tomorrow. We have something important to discuss," she spoke from the other line.

"What is that important thing?" he asked nervously.

After hearing her words, the realization hit him. The very less amount of time they spent together made him totally forget about the reason they got married.

"You know it well."


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