No not again! (Splinter x daughter reader x Shredder)

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first off damn thats long ^

Second off there is a plot twist. 


Sp;inter's P.O.V

i was meditating wile (Y/n) sat there humming some song Mikelangelo probably got her addicted to " round and round like a horse on a carousel" she sang as she danced around, i stopped meditating and pulled out my T-Phone Donatello gave me and recorded it "why did you steal my cotton candy hart" she sang as she flipped backwards "will i catch up to love i can never tell" she sung giggling. and stopped dancing so i hid the phone and walked over to her "how about we make dinner to surprise the boys (Y/n)?" i asked her "yeah!!!" she shouted bouncing "ok then lets go to The k-" before i could finish he walked in "(Y/n) get behind me." i said putting her behind me, little did i know that Razarah was there "FATHER!!!" she screamed out as he dragged her off back to his lair "(Y/n)!!!!" i shouted and tried to fight but it was no use. i lost one daughter to being raised to think she is his and i lost one to kidnapping, how am i going to tell my sons.

*time skip to 2 years later*

(Y/n)'s P.O.V

"Janito get in here now!" Shredder called for me "yes master?" i asked him as i bowd "what were you doing on the roof?" he asked me in confusion "looking at the stars master" i said "you know the rooftops are dangerous! go to your room at once!" he said. i when to my room and took out a flashlight and started doing morse code like i have been for 2 years strait hoping my brothers see it that's when i see 4 figers on the roof, before they break through my window "Raph, Leo Mikster Donni!" i whisper shout as i hug them "shorty" raph mumbled as he picked me up "can we go now cause shredder is really weird" i mumbled "yeah lets go teem" leo said as we all left the scene 

*******time skip to back to the lair****


we walked into the lair it looked the same as i remembered it to be "FATHER YOU HAVE A VISITER!" Leo shouted dad walked out and right when he saw me he ran' over and hugged me "my daughter you are safe" he said "Group hug!" Mikey shouted and pulled everyone in "love you guys." i said "we love you to sis/my daughter"


how was that @TheWoodscouts ?

i hope you liked it i gave it a slight twist cause i didn't want her to end up like Kari!

By Love's ~Marcellus

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