29. The Dam Is Broken

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Against all odds, we won.

We chased away the remaining army of Uruk-hai who fled to the forest, only to be crushed and wiped out by the ancient power in the forest. The men cheered victoriously. I felt a sense of satisfaction and triumph heavy on the air. This allegiance between men and elves was very eye opening. A hope grew inside my heart, that this allegiance may last in the future.

Now the men were galloping through the city. Eliminating the remains of stray orcs inside the wall would be an easy task for us.

My mind drifted to Leane as I rode along with my companions and the men. I couldn't wait to see her again. The picture of her in my arms again brought a smile to my face.

I wondered if I should clean up first before or meet her right away. Orc's blood stain were found on the fabric of my tunic, and the thought made me cringe. I did not want to held my girl in my arms and kill her nostrils with a hideous smell. I must smelled like an orc.

Aragorn deviated from the rest of us. I called out to him, "Man cerig (what are you doing), Estel?"

He kept going without saying a word, leaving me, Gimli and Gandalf to halt our horses down. We waited for him.

I followed his eyes to a warrior who stared at the galloping horses into the wall of Helm's Deep. I couldn't see his face as it was hidden under his hood, but I could see his armor peeking behind the dirtied cloak, stained by orc's and human's blood.

I studied him. He seemed to be wounded. An empty quiver was on his back, along with a bow. His sword however, looked unusual on him– it was a fine elven sword. 

This was a man, I'm sure of it, because his posture was too short for my kind and the way he slumped was uncharacteristic for an elf. Maybe he was an acquaintance of Estel that I wasn't aware of.

"Brother, you are hurt," said Aragorn to the warrior as he approached him, "Please let me assist you. It's the last thing I could do after you saved my life last night."

The man didn't answer him right away. He was staring intently at his hand that was bathed in blood. I squinted my eyes as the sight alerted me. Upon closer inspection, I saw blood trickled from his left hip, down to his thigh and into his boot.

He turned his head to Estel before collapsing on to the ground, holding his wounded hips. I dismounted Arod in alarm but stayed put as Estel knelt to inspect his wound. Then he pulled the warrior's hood and the name I never wanted to hear in association to that kind of scene escaped Estel's lips.

"LEANE!?" he exclaimed in horror and shock.

My eyes widened like a saucer plate. Dread and horror struck me down as I sprinted to their side. I felt the blood was drained out of my face.

Leane's unfocused eyes was staring back at me, pain etched all over her smudged face. My heart hammered in my chest as my mind registered what was in front of me.

A tangible feeling of fear and horror filled me like never before. I cupped Leane's pale face and began to rant.

"Melleth nin! Why?! How is this happening?!" I demanded in disbelief. My voice came out strange, shaky and broken.

She didn't respond to me. Fear gripped my heart as I saw her eyes dulled, it was almost as if she was confused.

Gimli and Gandalf were already beside Leane. I heard Gimli barked an order at one of the passing soldiers.

"You! Get a healer down here, laddie!" he ordered urgently and upon seeing a look Gandalf shot at him, the soldier nodded frantically before taking off to do what he was asked for.

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