Chapter 19: The contract 2

Start from the beginning

He wish with all of his heart he could fight,

He wish within in his heart that he will not become useles,

He wish within inside his kind heart to fight,

to became Stronger,

to fight,

Mahiru now has a will, Black with Mix Blue flames surround Mahiru. The man captured him was shock, so thus Ash. A light of Blue-black appeared infront of Mahiru. Mahiru grab it and the thing turn into a broom.

Mahiru sigh, and look at it dumb founded of all the weapon that god can gave him why a broom? But well its usefull, He use the stick of the broom to hit the man stomach. Mahiru quickly run near Ash. The man groan in pain.

Ash was shock, Mahiru had his Lead already. No humans or Eve actually went like that. There is needed process for that. So Ash was shock with this, But How'd he know when he never had an Eve Before, Mahiru was the first Eve he had, The first Master.

Ash shook his head and glare at the man who stand up.

"Well~ Well~ Looks like he summon his lead annoying." The man said smirking and grabbing his sword.

"A Broom is useless for fighting!" The man said attacking Mahiru. Ash defend it with his Claws and the fighting within speed had begun. The Match stop when Both Ash and the man stop. Ash stand infront of Mahiru. Mahiru run towards Ash and was concerned.

Ash has many Cuts, And deep stab and was also a bloody mess.

"Kuro~" mahiru said full of worried.

Ash hearing his name From Mahiru Smile. "Don't worry, I'm a vampire. It will heal." Ash said looking at Mahiru, But Ash knows that there is something wrong specially the weapon that hit him.

It then hit Ash, that the weapon was using has Dark Magic. His sensei told him before... Dark Magic weapons are weapons that had no good purpose. The weapon itself is a killer, its either it gonna devour your soul, Kill you, Or either the weapon shall possess your body and use your body for Chaos. The Dark Magic Weapons too are the ones that Can Only Kill the Servamp because there injuries won't heal without a proper care.

Ash glare at the Man coldly. "Well time to end this." The man said and attack Ash once again, Ash was to block at he was send down and his body felt Numb and weak probably because that Sword manage to stab him. In this condition he won't able to fight.

"Get a way From Kuro!"

Ash and the man look at the owner of the voice, The man smirk and Ash look at Mahiru his eyes shines like no one fill with determination and his Lead, From Broom it turn to sphere.

Mahiru attack the man with the sphere and the man block it with his sword. "Its useless br-" the man said but was cut off when he saw that the sphere it self was engulfing the black flames from its sword and it was transporting to Mahiru's sphere.

Mahiru swing his sphere which cause the man to send flying backwards almost hit the ground. The man look at in his disbelief eyes.

"Ho-How did you...?" The man said as he held his sword. But his swird suddenly filled with black-blue flames and suddenly turn into a small particle of those Black-blue lights. It disappeared.

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