28. A Purpose To Fulfill

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I spent the remaining hours before sundown running through the walls of Helm's Deep, memorizing every spot I saw in my vision and the paths that lead to them. The vision was as clear as the sight of the bustling lives around me, as if someone had burned the images on my mind.

A strategy formed in my head as determination set in my heart. I would save my friend or die trying, and this time I wouldn't fail . I was born for this, and the events that took place my entire life had brought me to this day, for a purpose that is bigger than me. Bigger than any of us. I was brought here and given the power of the Infinity ring to ensure fate unravel in the right course. And to set it right.

I jogged to the hall with my head covered under my hood. The men were very preoccupied by whatever they were doing and I slipped without anyone noticing into the armory.

I found a quiver full of arrows and a chained armor that fits me, although poorly as it hung a little loosely on my body, but it was the smallest I could find. I changed my mind last minute on the helmet; it only served as distraction as it blocked my view. I threw the helmet away and hid the plundered items behind my cloak and walked out from the hall.


"Galu, aur nin (Good luck, my sunshine)," I told Legolas in farewell before he leave for his station at the wall of Helm's Deep.

"Na e-govaned vîn, melleth nin. Gi melin ('Till we meet again, my love. I love you)," he replied softly as he kissed me tenderly. We tasted each other's mouth slowly, boring the feeling into our mind.

We could heard Gimli's booming voice in the distant from here in a secluded area of the abandoned armory where I pulled him earlier for a kiss. Gimli was looking for Legolas for couple of minutes now and I reluctantly let Legolas' lips slipped from mine.

"Boe annin gwad (I must go)," he said softly, "Goheno nin, Leane."

I smiled in understanding as I kissed him again quickly and slipped a penny to his hand.

Legolas looked down to study it and I explained.

"Something from my world. For good luck. I found two of them in my pocket when I first arrived in Middle Earth," I said as I showed him another identical coin that I clasped in my hand.

"They're the only token I have of what's left of my previous life. It's precious to me now. They remind me of who I was and where I come from," I said with a smile as my sight blurred with unshed tears.

"It's a token of my past and now I'm giving it to you. Come back alive to me, and I will give up my future to you too."

Tears trickled both of our cheek. I feared losing him, he feared leaving me. Legolas pulled me into his arms and crushed his lips to mine in a rather rough, desperate kiss. I pulled away and bury my face in his shoulder as a sob involuntarily escaped my lips. My hand clutched the edge of the armor on his chest as he stroke my hair down.

He took my face in his hands. His glassy blue eyes softened as he looked down at me. Love and sadness mingled in it. His smell and his warmth engulfed me as his breath hit my face softly when he spoke.

"I will cherish your gift forever and protect it with my life. 'Tis such a gracious gift. I feel I do not deserve and I can never repay it."

"It's just a penny," I laughed at the irony and wiped my tears away. "Come back to me and consider it paid. Then I will tell you everything you need to know about me, everything I was and everything that took place back in my world. I'm ready."

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