Ch. 3 I am your Aunt Petunia

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Hime_chan10: I have decided that Azalea will be sorted into Slytherin when she turns 11-years-old. 


Rubeus Hagrid enters the nursery room and sees Sirius Black holding Azalea Potter and Harry Potter in his arms. He looks down, and his expression saddens when he sees Lily Potter on the floor. His heart broke when he saw James Potter's body downstairs. He slowly walks towards Sirius and looks at the twins in his arms.

Sirius looks at Hagrid.

" Hey, Hagrid" Sirius whispers. 

" What brings you here?" Sirius curiously asked the Half-Giant.

Hagrid looks at Sirius.

" Sirius. Headmaster Dumbledore ordered me to take the twins to the Dursley House," Hagrid tells him.

Sirius' eyes widened when he heard that.

" Are you kidding me?" Sirius asked him. " You do know that Lily and James will never allow the twins to go to the Dursley House," He tells him.

" I know, but Headmaster Dumbledore said that they are the only family that the twins have left," Hagrid tells him.

" And what am I? Cheap Liver," Sirius asked him. " I so badly don't want to give the twins to you, but I have too because I have something important to do," He carefully passed Azalea and Harry to Hagrid. " Also, you can take my motorcycle," He tells him.

Hagrid held the small infants in his arms. He nods his head as he walks out of the nursery with Sirius following behind him.

Both men quickly left the Potter's Cottage. Sirius guide Hagrid to his motorcycle. He helped Hagrid put the twins on the passenger seat that connects to the bike. He stepped back and watched Hagrid get on the bike. He lightly bites his lips when he sees Hagrid turned on the motorcycle which lifted them to the sky. He watched Hagrid drive the motorcycle far from him and disappear out of his eyesight. 

A few hours later.

Hagrid arrived at Privet Drive where Headmaster Albus Dumbledore and Professor Minvera McGonagall wait for him to come. Hagrid carefully parks the motorcycle on the driveway as Minvera walks towards the passenger seat where Azalea and Harry are asleep.

Minvera's eyes saddened when she sees the twins because they recently lost their parents. She carefully picks Azalea up first and then Harry. She looks at them with a motherly expression because the twins reminded her of Lily and James.

The twins cooed in their sleep. They have been awake for many hours, so they are tired.

Minvera turns around and looks at Headmaster Dumbledore who pulls out a letter from his right arm sleeve.

" Albus. Do we have to leave them at the Dursley?" Minvera asked him. " Lily has warned me about them, and they aren't too keen about magic," She looks at him with worried eyes.

" Minvera. Petunia is Lily's sister which means she is the only family that the twins have," Headmaster Dumbledore tells her.

Minvera sighs knowing she can't argue with Headmaster Dumbledore. She watched Headmaster Dumbledore conjure a big basket on the front steps. She carefully walks towards the front steps and gently placed the twins in the big basket.

" Azalea. Harry. I wish you two luck," Minvera whispers. 

Minvera stepped back and watched Headmaster Dumbledore gently placed the letter on top of the twins. 

" We must go," Headmaster Dumbledore tells them. " Minvera ring the bell," He turns to look at her. 

Minvera nods her head as she rings the bell.

Headmaster Dumble quickly apparates Hagrid, the motorcycle, and himself. Minvera does the same as they reappear a couple of blocks away from the house as they stood by some trees which covered them.

Inside the house reside Petunia Dursley who is the older sister of Lily Potter. Petunia gets out of her bed when she hears the doorbell ringing. She walks out of her bedroom and down the stairs. She walks towards the door and opens it. She blinks when she sees no one but wears a surprised expression when she sees two babies in a big basket with a letter on top of it. 

" What is this?" Petunia asked herself.

She picks up the letter and opens it. She stays quiet as she silently reads the letter. She finished reading the letter and looks down at the two babies. 

" Do I have to be their guardian?" Petunia asked herself as she looks at her surroundings. 

Azalea begins to move around in her sleep. She starts to cry which caused Petunia to look down.

Petunia's eyes widened when she sees Azalea for the first time. Azalea reminded her of Lily when she was a baby. 

" L-Lily," Petunia stuttered thinking of her baby sister as tears begin to fall from her eyes. " This must be fate punishing me for being mean to you all those years," She whispers as she carefully picks Azalea up and holds her in her arms.

" Azalea. Of course, she would have named you after a flower," Petunia whispers.

Petunia softly gasped when she sees Azalea opening her eyes which are the same color as Lily.

Azalea blinks when she sees Petunia. She giggles and smiles at the older woman.

Petunia smiles at Azalea.

" Hello, sweetheart. I am your Aunt Petunia. You know I have always wanted to have a daughter," Petunia gently pokes Azalea's chubby left cheek with her right finger.

Azalea coos as she looked at her surroundings and noticed her younger brother.

" Ah!" Azalea stares at Harry.

Petunia noticed Harry and carefully picks the infant up into her other arm. 

" Looking at you. It seems as though you inherited your looks from your father, but you also have Lily's eyes," Petunia whispers when she sees Harry opening his eyes. " Hmm. Even though I have my Dudley to take care of. I don't mind taking care of two more babies since you two are my family," She looks at the twins in her arms. 

Azalea happily laughs which caused Petunia to smile. Petunia turns around and enters the house as she closed and locked the door behind her. She decided to feed them first and then change their diapers before putting them to bed. 

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