Ch. 2 I'm glad you two are okay

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A hooded male figure ran towards the Potter's Cottage. The hooded male figure enters the Cottage. The hooded male figure pulls the hood down revealing a man with long greasy dark hair and dark eyes. 

The man is no other than Severus Snape.

Severus looks straight and sees his childhood bully, James Potter laying on the floor with a blank expression. He stays quiet as he walks passed James and heads upstairs. He walks through the hallway and stops when he sees a room with no door. He slowly enters the room and froze when he sees his childhood love, Lily Potter on the floor with a blank expression.

Tears fell from Severus' eyes.

" Lily!" Severus cries as he runs towards Lily's dead body. " Lily! I'm sorry!" He carefully lifts Lily's body and hugs her close to him. " He promised me that he wouldn't hurt you or your daughter," He cries as he hid his face against Lily's dark red hair. 

' Speaking of Lily's daughter,' Severus thought. ' He better not have killed her as well,' He lifts his head and looks around seeing a destroyed crib. ' Azalea!' He mentally screams fearing for his childhood love's daughter. 

On cue, two infant cries grabbed Severus' attention. Severus gently placed Lily's body on the floor as he carefully closed her eyes to look like she is asleep. He stands up as he slowly walks towards the broken crib. He stood by the fractured crib and looks down when he sees a baby girl with soft red hair crying her heart out.

 He stood by the fractured crib and looks down when he sees a baby girl with soft red hair crying her heart out

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" Azalea," Severus whispers. 

" I'm sorry," Severus carefully picks Azalea up and holds her in his arms. " Because of me, you lost your mother," He starts to cry. " I promise you that once you are of age. I will protect you with my life," He gently kissed Azalea's forehead. " I will be your shadow," He whispers. 

Azalea begins to calm down as she opens her eyes which are the same color as Lily. She looks up at Severus with big bright green eyes.

Severus looks down at Azalea with calm dark eyes. 

Azalea coos and smiles at Severus. 

Severus smiles at Azalea.

" Oh, Merlin! James!" A male voice shouted.

Severus tensed up as he hears someone in the house. He looks at Azalea who is staring at him with a big smile. 

" I'm sorry, Azalea. We will meet again when you are older," Severus tells Azalea as he gently puts her down next to Lily.

Azalea blinks as she curiously stares at Severus.  

Severus looks at Azalea one last time as he apparates out of the nursery room. 

A man with long wavy brown hair and gray eyes named Sirius Black enter the nursery room. Sirius looks straight and wears a painful expression when he sees Lily Potter on the floor. His eyes widened when he sees Azalea Potter next to her. 

" Azalea!" Sirius runs towards Azalea and carefully picks her up. " You are okay!" He sounds happy to see his best friend's daughter. 

Azalea coos when she sees Sirius. 

Sirius smiles at Azalea when he remembers his Godson, Harry Potter. He looks at his surroundings and wears a relaxed expression when he sees Harry crying next to the broken crib with a nasty scar on his forehead. 

" Harry!" Sirius walks towards his Godson and carefully picks him up and holds him in his other arm. " I'm glad you two are okay," He looks down at the twins and smiles.

Azalea cooed at Sirius while Harry begins to calm down. 

Sirius securely held the twins close to him when he hears footsteps walking up the stairs. He turns around and sees his old friend Rubeus Hagrid entering the nursery.


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