Sexy, Sensual, Grown

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NORMANI sits in the bedroom of her apartment with her phone to her ear as she waits for her friend to answer her call. She sits on her bed, a silk robe tied around her slim waist, while staring at her champagne painted nails. On the fourth ring her friend answers her call, making her lift up in her bed and stop staring at her nails.

"Hey Manz, what's up?" Her friend starts off a casual conversation with her immediately after answering. Normani smiles and begins to talk to him about what she called for.
"Hey B-lair, I have a very important question to ask you".
She states, and awaits his reply before continuing to ask the favor. Blair smirks before replying back.

"Lemme guess, it's about pictures". He states still smiling, causing Normani to giggle.
"Of course silly, what else are you good for?" She asks, leading Blair to act hurt over her comment.

"Oh? And here I thought I was one one of your best friends".
Normani giggles again before replying.

"That's what you get for thinking, I told you 'thinking isn't for you' many times. You should listen to me." Blair rolls his eyes playfully as if he could see her before moving on to ask her what she needed.

"Could you come over and do a quick little photoshoot with me? If you're not busy." She says getting up and going towards her closet to look through clothing.

"Yeah of course, what theme are we going for this time?"
He asks as he grabs his camera and other equipment and bagging it before getting dressed.

"Sexy, sensual ... grown." She replys in a low, sultry and southern voice. Blair pauses for a quick second before clearing his throat and continuing to get ready to head over to Normani's.

"Alright. Are we doing this at yours or-". He was cut off by Normani.
"Yes. How long 'til you get here?" She questioned as Blair got in the driver's seat after putting his things in the back.

He put on his seatbelt and started his car before answering her.
"About an hour or so, less without traffic." Normani "okay'd" him before they said their goodbyes and hanging up, leaving Normani to get ready and Blair to drive to hers.


Normani pulled out a few of her favorite lingerie and robes to go with them as she waited for Blair to arrive. After picking them out, and a few pair of heels, she walked down the stairs to her kitchen to make herself a glass of champagne. She then took it with her to her bedroom as she continued to get ready for the photo shoot.

Normani changed into the first lingerie set she wanted to take picture in and had done her hair & make up. She was now ready and was now just waiting on Blair to arrive. She poured herself another glass of champagne and Blair one for when he got there.

A couple of minuets later she'd heard a knock at her door. She walked towards her door in her lingerie set, robe, and heels and opened the door for Blair. As she opened the door She was met with a well prepared and smiling Blair, the smiling part now gone as he stared her down.

"Hey clown, you gonna come in so we can do this?" She said to her stuck photographer. He nodded and walked past her and into her home, still staring her down.

He took his eyes off of her and proceeded to her kitchen to sit his equipment on the counter and pull out his camera. Normani followed and sat in chair at the island. She watched him take things out and set them up as she sipped the champagne in her glass.

"You gonna get dressed?" Blair asked her after a while of silence as he contuined to set up his things. Normani raised an eyebrow at him and took another sip of the liquid before speaking.

"I am dressed." She stated, causing Blair to stop what he was doing and take another moment to stare at her.
Normani sat, with her long, oiled legs crossed over one another in a white laced bra and pantie and a white robe to match. Her bra covering little to nothing, showing her pierced nipples. The ones of which he did not know were pierced. Her bikini pantie covering just enough in front, leaving you to wonder what 'she' looked like.

"Come on, I want to start in my room." Normani stated as she stood and led the way towards her bedroom.
As shes walked ahead of Blair, he noticed how see through ber robe was, and how little her pantie was. More of her ass was out than what he thought would've been.

Normani opened her bedroom door and stepped in, setting her glass down on her dresser and sitting on her bed. She leaned back in ber arms, legs crossed again and stared up at Blair. He stared back at her and she patted the space next to her, telling him to sit. Blair took a breath in and proceeded over to her bed and took the seat.

"So, I have a few sets that I want to be in for the shoot, and I want to take shots pretty much all over my apartment. Starting in here," Blair nodded in understanding and waiting for her to continue on.

"I also want to take some I'm the bathroom, I want to be in the tub but, of course I won't be in a set for those shots. I think I might have candles, or you could come back over tomorrow and we can shoot some when it's lighter out?" She asked to a shocked Blair. He was still stuck on the thought of her being naked around him.

"Blair, you listening?" Normani asked the shook man. "Um, yeah sure. That's okay." He says, showing her that he was indeed paying attention. Normani smiled at her friend before getting ready to pose for Blair and his camera.


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