Shinobi: Katsuragi

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(Y/N) is seen eating breakfast as he tries to think back of what is occurring in his house.

(Y/N): Just why would random possessions appear in my house?

He then thinks of something.

(Y/N): (Maybe this can work.)

(Scene Change)

He turns to the next page to see a long blonde haired girl.

He turns to the next page to see a long blonde haired girl

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Name: Katsuragi

Age: 18

Faction: Hanzo Academy

Blood Type: B

Hair Color: Blonde

Height: 5'5

Eye Color: Blue-Green

Bust: 95 cm

Cup Size: H

Waist: 57 cm

Hip: 90 cm

Animal Guardian: Dragon

Hobby: Sexual Harassment

(Y/N): *gulps*

Favorite Food: Ramen

Personality: Extremely vivacious, hidden sorrow, mask of perversion, enjoys the thrill of a fight, gleeful

Weapon: Dragon Rebellion

(Y/N): Cool name for armored boots and gauntlets.

Backstory: When Katsuragi was still a little girl, she lived a normal life while playing with her pet dog, Chico. Her parents were both Shinobi as they fulfilled missions that were issued to them by the higher ups. However, one day, both of Katsuragi's parents failed at one particular mission and were told to give up their lives as punishment. To avoid getting Katsuragi involved, the two decided to become renegade Shinobi and ran away, abandoning Katsuragi. Feeling sad and abandoned, Katsuragi thought to herself and decided that she will become a strong Shinobi in order to atone for her parent's crimes with her family someday. Then at some point, she enlisted in Hanzo Academy.

(Y/N): Such heart and dedication.

As (Y/N) closes the book, he closes his eyes, waits one minute, opens them, and finds...nothing?

(Y/N): Hm. Guess it was just my imagination. Oh well, I have to go to the school bus now.

As he passes through his closet to exit his bedroom, he didn't know that a dragon hoodie was hanging with his other clothes.

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