Ch. 1 It's him!

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October 31, 1981. 

Saturday night.

Twenty-one-year-old, James Potter and his wife twenty-one-year-old Lily Potter were comfortably watching TV in the living room with their children Azalea Lily Potter and Harry James Potter in their arms. Lily held Harry in her arms while James held Azalea in his arms. Lily was feeding Harry a bottle when she hears her name. She turns her head to the left and sees James looking at her with a big smile.

" Lily! Azalea sneezed, and she made that cute face of yours whenever you sneeze," James happily tells Lily. 

Lily smiles at James. 

James opened his mouth to say something when an alarming sound grabbed their attention. 

Lily quickly became tense as she tightly held Harry in her arms. 

James stands up as he tightly held Azalea in his arms. He turns around and carefully walks towards the window. He peaks through the curtains and wears a surprised expression when he sees Lord Voldemort walking towards the house. He quickly turns around and walks towards Lily.

" Lily! Take Azalea," James gently passed his daughter to Lily.

Lily carefully takes Azalea into her arms. She securely held both twins in her arms. She looks at James with a scared expression.

" Lily. Listen to me carefully," James looks at Lily in the eyes. " Take Azalea and Harry, and go! It's him! Run! I'll hold him off," He tells her. 

A loud explosion grabbed the Potter's attention. 

" Go!" James shouts at Lily.

Lily turns around as she runs upstairs to the nursery room. She entered the nursery room and closed the door behind her. She locked the door and quickly walks towards a crib. She gently placed Azalea and Harry in the crib. She looks at them with a loving expression as tears fell from her eyes when she hears Lord Voldemort shout the killing curse which let her know that he killed her husband.

" Azalea. Harry," Lily kneels as she looks at her twins in the eyes. " Mummy and Papa love you two so much. I want you two to take good care of each other. Harry, I know you are the youngest, but I also want you to make sure that nothing terrible happens to your older sister," She lovingly smiles at them.

The twins cooed at their mother. 

A loud explosion grabbed the mother and children's attention. Azalea and Harry started to cry because they are scared. Lily quickly stands up and turns around seeing Lord Voldemort entering the nursery.

" Please! Take me instead. They are only children," Lily cried to Lord Voldemort.

Lord Voldemort stared at Lily. 

Lord Voldemort remembered his follower, Severus Snape telling him to spare Lily and her daughter, Azalea. 

" You. Take the girl and leave. I was told that the boy would kill me in the future. So, I must kill him at this state," Lord Voldemort tells Lily.

Lily couldn't believe what she is hearing. 

" I can't let you kill my son! He is only a baby! My son and daughter must live. If you must, kill me instead," Lily stood her ground.

Lord Voldemort angrily stares at Lily.

" You should consider yourself lucky that I am willing to let you live. Now, you must die. Avada Kedavra!" Lord Voldemort shouts as a bright green light came out from his wand. 

Lily held her arms out as her body shielded the killing curse from hurting her children.  

Azalea and Harry watched their mother scream in pain as she falls to the ground. Azalea noticed her mother isn't moving which causes her to cry. Harry looks at Lord Voldemort who is walking towards the crib. 

" Now," Lord Voldemort looks down at Harry. " This will only take a second," He tells Harry. " Avada Kedavra!" He shouts as the same bright green light came out from his wand. 

Harry intently stared at the bright green light. 

Azalea continues to cry because she knows her mother isn't going to wake up.

Lord Voldemort's eyes widened when he sees a bright white light deflect his killing curse which hit him on the chest. Both magic caused him to disintegrate, and everything that surrounds him to destroy which caused the crib with the twins inside to fall apart.

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