Chapter 1: New journey out to the world

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Warning ⚠  spaceship is damaged, evacuate now, I repeat evacuate now! I repeat!

"I'm hit! I need help!" Tzuyu shouted

"I'm on my way Tzuyu! Hold on" Momo said

"I can't hold on much longer! My ship is going to explode!" Tzuyu said

"wait Tzuyu! Don't give up!" Jihyo said

"whatever happens, don't click that button! We are here behind you" Jeongyeon said

"I'm going down I have no choice!" Tzuyu said

"no don't!" chaeyoung said

"if you click that, we don't know if your going to be safe!" Nayeon said

"wish me luck" Tzuyu started to tap the button

"Tzuyu! Don't!" dahyun said

"happy birthday to me" Tzuyu said

She was dragged by a blue colored dimension and she left her ring as a remembrance for them.

"damn it!" Jeongyeon said


Yeah summer vocation! No irritating assignment and quizzes, happy go lucky!

I'm walking to a street then I stopped at the candy shop. I remembered my grandmother because I used to go with her here, when I feel down she gave me that candy from this store and it makes me happy

"hi grandma, I hope your doing well" I murmured and went inside

"I'll take this, give me 5 pieces please" I said to Gina

"you really like this one Y/N" Gina said

"yeah I like this, it taste delicious and it was full of memories" I said to her

"yeah I know how you feel" she gave me the candy "come back again y/n"

"yeah I'll be back auntie" I wave and she smiled

"I think I should visit my old house" I said

I went home and grabbed some of my clothes and important stuff and I went on the bus and move to my old home

Yeah... My name is Hitsugaya Y/N, I'm 19 years old and I'm working part time. I'm not poor but I'm not rich, my parents divorced when I was a kid and my grandma took me in and take care of me. My mom married a foreign guy in America then my father married a Korean and they are both rich, they didn't forgot about me so they visit me once a year and just sending me money to pay my living expenses.

I'm not mad at them, I just feel like I'm not important to them, I'm not a person who loves talking to many friends which I don't have one, the kids are avoiding me because they thought that I'm a monster and that's why my parents left me.

My history..... My grandma told me that our clan used to make social connection with alien and stuffs like mermaids..... We're full of mystery but none of them proved that.

I believe my grandma and I waited for them to show up but no one did and then I still believe because my grandma said that it was true but now I'm losing hope because they didn't show up in front of me but my grandma says something that really disturb me


"one day son, you will meet a gorgeous girl, she was from out there! " she pointed at the stars

"really?" I said

"yes my son, she was destined to meet you so don't lose hope because people let you down, they are envy at you because your special!" she said

"when can I meet her?" I asked her

"when the time comes my son, and if you saw her, look after her and take care of her because she will be the one who will complete your life and you my son, will be the key to her closed fate and you need to protect her from danger!" she said

"am I destined to marry her? I mean it was planned?" I said to her"

"the choice is up to you my son, all you need to do keep her safe" she said

"that's amazing grandma" I said

"if you fell for her and she fell in love with you too, keep her there (she touch my chest)  keep her inside your heart and you will be her new home" she smiled at me

"thank you grandma!" I hugged her

"so now son, don't let them down you, believe me, love is powerful! You will get stronger if you believe in yourself and you can open a new world, where there's peace and love, welcome the people who needs your help" she said

"I will grandma, I'll keep that in mind" I said

End of flashback.....

I don't know  what she means but I'm scared to meet that girl because I'm a human and she's an alien I hope she doesn't look like a alien who I saw in YouTube because I will be fooled forever when they shape shift.

I arrive at my old house but it was night so I walk and saw my house and I'm very happy and I feel relieved, I can rest comfortably.

I unpacked my stuffs and went outside to get some fresh air.

While I'm walking in the woods, I heard a crash and it was very loud then the birds are flying away and I was scared, my heart is beating faster

I'm very curious what is that sound so I prepared my phone ready to call police then I move.

I saw a smoke in the air so I followed it then I arrive and never expected what I just saw

A girl is coughing and standing at the big crater "damn! (coughing) that's very tiring, I feel like my energy is being taken away"

I was surprised because she's very beautiful and tall then I step back but I stepped on the rock

"who's there?!" she shouted and look at me

"oh sorry!" I said "I guess I'm just on wrong place" I try to run but

A leaf grabbed me by feet and then my head hit the ground and i lost consciousness

"oh I'm sorry!" a girl said.

I woke up and I saw a beautiful figure above me

"who are you?" I said

"your a human right? Hitsugaya y/n right?" she said

"what the?" I said and open my eyes

"hello I'm Chou Tzuyu from remora and I'm looking for Saeko Minomori, do you know where she is?" she said

"my grandma?" i said to her


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