Prompt #31

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                Prompt: Young Leon experiencing the cruel side of his dad

                A.N.- Not requested, I just felt like writing it instead of doing literally anything productive instead


                Leon laid on the pile of blankets in the corner of his father's office. His preschool class had been cancelled, and his parents couldn't find anyone free to look after Leon for the day. So, his father had agreed to bring Leon into work with him.

                He'd laid out a comfy amount of blankets and set Leon up with educational books and a DVD player. Leon had been practicing his spelling for a while, but he'd switched to a movie.

                "Daddy," Leon said, pulling out one of his earphones. "I'm hungry."

                Constance checked the time. "I'll get your lunch in a minute, Leon."

                The phone rang and Constance sighed and grabbed it. Leon watched, his feet swinging back and forth in the air, lying on his stomach with his arms folded in front of him.

                "Yes?" Constance said. He listened and nodded to himself. "Yes, I understand. Send him in." He glanced at Leon before returning his gaze to his computer. "And keep a security guard outside the door."

                He hung up the phone and stood up, unlocking a filing cabinet. He dug through it, producing a file and sitting back down at his desk.

                "Make it a few minutes, Lee. I have work to take care of first, and then you can eat. Put your earphones in, watch your movie, and do not make a sound," Constance said. "Understood?"

                "Yes daddy!" Leon said. He knew he was supposed to be quiet when his dad was working. His dad had promised they could play when they got home if Leon behaved here.

                Leon put his earphone back in and turned his attention to his movie. But the door opened and he peeked over the top of the screen as two security guards led a boy in a Maroon vest into the room. Leon paused his movie, leaving his headphone in. He knew it was bad to listen to other people's conversations. But he'd always had noise in his ears whenever his dad talked to a student. He couldn't help but be curious.

                "That'll do. Take a seat, Justin," Constance said.

                The Maroon reluctantly sat across from Constance. The guards left the room, shutting the door as they went.

                "Fuck you," Justin said as soon as the door was closed, and Leon's eyes widened. That was a really bad word, and that boy had just said it. He'd just said it right in front of Leon's father.

                But Constance just smiled, and Leon suddenly felt nervous. That wasn't his dad's nice smile. That wasn't the smile he had when he put Leon to bed at night and tucked him in, or when he congratulated Adam on his good grades, or when Caroline picked him a flower. It was...wrong. Leon didn't like it.

                He pretended to be watching his movie as Constance looked over at him. But as soon as his father's head turned back to Justin, Leon peeked back over at them, tugging on the earphone until it was partially out of his ear.

                "I hear you've been giving your teacher trouble again. Such a shame. I thought out last meeting would've fixed that," Constance said.

                "That bitch said I was a whore, and I'd die a corner slut," Justin said furiously. "She deserved that fist to the mouth."

                "And you deserved to hear the reality of your life, Mr. Hayes," Constance said. "At the rate you're going, she just predicted your future."

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