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            Sarah understood her mission

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Sarah understood her mission. Still, there was a troublesome sense of discomfort at being so close to a demon. It wouldn't affect her resolution to stay on task, but that didn't mean she didn't detest it any less.

The expectations they in regards to her had been made all too clear, particularly after Noah's rocky start. However, that wasn't what was troubling her. The issue lay beyond having to work under pressure... why was there a demon hanging around?

It shocked her, to say the least. Sure, Infuri was perhaps the one place where she should've expected demons, but the closeness between Noah and that creature had taken her by surprise. He didn't seem to be bothered by the creature's presence, which didn't make sense. She'd assumed Noah and she were on the same page.

Well, they had been on the same page... but that no longer seemed to be the case.

"Shouldn't you be going now?" she asked Bryce from where she was laying on the bed, head tilted back, eyes narrowing as she took in his every move. "We'll be fine."

Noah stared at her, frowning as if she had said something wrong. Sarah would've asked him why he was making that face, but she was busy pursing her lips and staring daggers at the armored demon. Bryce wasn't averting his gaze either, glaring right back at her as if he didn't understand what a slash of any of her weapons could do to him, the sheer damage it could invoke.

"I'm the one who's going to get you food so—"

"Hurry and get us food then," she cut him off, sitting up and narrowing her eyes. "Nothing bizarre and make it quick. Also, clear drink, light on the ice."

Bryce stared at her, confusion written all over his face. She was far more upfront about his emotions than Noah, yet something felt rather off about it.

Sorry, Noah mouthed from the other bed, clearly confused as well.

Which did help, since at least that meant Bryce wasn't somehow imagining the animosity. He nodded and left the room before she could say another word. It was clear that sticking around would not benefit either of them, so he backed off.

He stormed out the room, gritting his teeth to keep himself from replying. Soon enough they would contact him to explain how the arrangement would work and she would probably get her own space. There was no way it was okay for them to live together. There were too many risks attached to having them both in the same immediate space.

When it came down to safety, having them both in the same space meant risking the loss of both in case anyone targeted the area. If they happened to be in different places within the location, then at least one of them wouldn't be at risk if either of them became a target. Closeness, however, was still necessary in case of any large emergency.

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