chapter 29

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Rosie pov:-

I opened my eyes slowly feeling the rays of the sunshine on my face, I sighed and sank my head back in the pillow as I felt the tears slipping out of my eyes. I slowly placed my hand on my stomach and smiled through the tears when I felt the warmth spreading on my palm. After Edward only my son could comfort me.

My heart hurts just thinking about my husband, its been two days since that dreadful night. I expected him to realize his mistake and come back running to me to apologise for his behavior but he didn't, if he would have done that I would have welcomed him with open arms but he didn't.

I have lost all my appetite and sleep but I do eat not for me but for my son.  I sat up straight when I heard the door opening, I eagerly hoped the person who is entering to be Edward but it was not him but the royal beta James.

"Luna", he bowed at me, I nodded at him to continue. He looked hesitate at first but then sighed and looked outside the window.

"The king Alpha has lost all his control to his wolf, we could not bring him back. So.....", He paused and took a deep breath before continuing.

"I know he was very cruel and harsh to you but we need your help to get him back. If we leave him like that then he will never be back to normal. He will go rogue and kill each and every person in his sight. Only you can help him come back to normal, only a mate can", he looked pleadingly at me.  I jumped off the bed and looked at him in panic. I don't understand why he was pleading to me I was Edwards wife and I would do anything to keep him safe

"How did this happen? Where is he?", my mind was racing with questions.

"In the dungeon. He tried to get back to you after we dragged him away from you, so I ordered the guards to take him to the dungeon to lock him up till morning, so he could calm down. But he got extremely out of control and killed four of our guards. we had no choice  expect to inject him with a the silver. Silver is like a enemy for us, the pain will be unbearable even for the strongest. The amount of silver injected in alpha body was really high that he couldn't bear it and gave full control to his wolf", I looked shocked at him in disbelief.

"Who gave you the right to do something like this", I screamed at him, I fought the tears that was brimming in my eyes. He didn't say anything but bowed his head in shame. I wiped my tears harshly before spitting the words out.

"Take me to him now", without further hesitation he walked out with me following behind. My hand was clutched on my stomach firmly. I was scared and worried at the same time. Soon we reached the dungeon. I flinched when I heard a loud painful roar. I slowed my pace as we reached near. The council members were present and looked little relived after seeing me.

I flinched when the iron door banged again. I gave them a small nod and towards the door. The room was completely made of iron and silver with only a small window. I opened it and looked inside.

I gasped out loud when I saw Edward, still in half werewolf form and he was tied up to the wall by iron chains. He banged the iron wall with his head, his hand were bleeding and blood was dripping from his nose. I tried to open the door but it was locked, I turned towards James.

"Open the door now", I shouted at James in panic, he looked hesitate and looked at the council members.

"Luna, I don't...", I interrupted him by raising my hand.

"I said to open the door now", I said slowly emphasizing each word. He looked at the council members and hesitantly open the door. I slipped in with the keys before ordering them to not to enter. Edward stopped banging his head and his head snapped towards me. His eyes were still silver in colour. His lips curled in a evil smirk. He looked like a predator ready to pounce on its prey. I walked towards him slowly testing his reaction. I flinched when he roared again and tried to get out of the iron chains. He looked at me as his next prey. I jumped back when he thrusted his hand forward to catch me.

"Edward, its me, your rose, your mate", I said softly, he blinked as if realizing something and stopped his actions and sniffed around the room. I hesitamtly took steps towards him. He looked at me as if seeing me for the first time.

"Edward", I whispered his name softly as I reached him. I hesitamtly cupped his face in my hand and caressed his face slowly. He leaned in my hand and sniffed my scent, realization went through his eyes.  The evil smirk which he was having vanished. He looked up at me in sadness and in shock.

"Its okay", I caressed his fur filled arm softly. I unlocked the cuff and removed the chains. He shoulders slumped forward and he leaned his head on my shoulder. We both sat down on the floor, with me on his lap straddling him and his head on my chest. I caressed his head softly as he calmed down.

"Rose", he whispered softly, his voice was gruff and hoarse. He bought his head up and looked at me. He trailed his one finger on my check and wiped my tears away.

"I'm sorry", he said sorrowfully
I smiled through the tears and hugged him to my chest. As I said I love him too much to hate him or punish him. We sat there in each other's arms in silence. He was still in half werewolf form but his silver eyes was changed back to golden.

"Edward, come back to normal", I said to him lifting my head from his shoulder. He closed his eyes and flinched in pain, before the fur disappeared from his body. He left a breath of relief and slumped on me.

"Edward, Edward", I shook his shoulder but he didn't wake up. I put him down and leaned my head on his heart, I sighed in relief when I heard his heart beat. I stood up in panic and rushed towards the door. All the eyes snapped towards me when I opened the door.

"Edward lost conscious", I told James, and rushed inside quickly to Edwards side. James and the council members rushed inside. James ordered the guards to lift Edward up and to fetch the healer. I walked behind them.

We reached our chambers and the guards placed him on the bed. I pulled the sheets on him covering his naked body. I sat next to him and held his hand in mine. The healers rushed inside.

"Luna it will good if you wait outside", the healer said looking at me.

"No, I will not. Don't waste the time and start treating him", they looked at each other.

"That's my order", I shouted at them. They nodded and started the treatment. I squeezed his hands lightly.

After long two hours they were done taking out the silver from his body. They nodded at me and went away. I placed a small kiss on his lips and laid down next to him. I placed my one hand on him and other on my stomach and drifted off to sleep.

As I said before I love him too much to hate him.


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