Chapter ThirtyThree- Destruction Is Coming

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Chapter ThirtyThree- Destruction Is Coming

July 24th: Waxing Crescent

    On my way home, thanks to a ride from Joseph, I couldn't help wondering where Amanda was now. If she really had mysteriously risen from the grave then what was she up to? You'd think that if she were the same person that she would come find us, but seeing as she hadn't done anything of the sort I was willing to bet that something was different about her. Besides, Her coming back from the dead shouldn't even be possible. Things like that only happen in books and it would take some serious necromancy to pull a stunt like that. 

    One thing I knew for certain though was that I would do anything to find out what was going on. I didn't care if it meant wasting my time away with petty leads...I would find out what she was doing. Something inside me was telling me that I had to find out too and not because I loved her or anything. 

    Deep inside I thought about what her brother had been like. He hadn't been a good person and sometimes I would catch myself wondering if Amanda would become the same way when Lockheart died. I don't know why I though it, but it had been ringing in my head for quite some time now. I'd always felt that Lockheart was in pain, holding in something unpleasant while Amanda wasn't struggling hardly at all. Maybe with her own demons but nothing like Lockheart. 

    Yet what would Lockheart's death do to Amanda? Still screaming inside my head was the thought that Amanda could very well be ten times worse than Lockheart ever was. I hated to say something like that, but it seemed like the truth to me. 

    Another thing that would always bother me was how Amanda could come back from the dead in the first place. Things like that - as I said before - shouldn't be possible. I mean witches can do some forms of it, but bringing the actual person back has never been heard of before. I liked to think that it wasn't really her but Haden and the others are fully convinced that it was the real deal. Apparently her body was gone and everything with claw marks on the inside of the coffin. Even the dirt was sunken in where she'd drawn herself up to the surface. I mean I guess that is all solid evidence but it seemed to crazy to be true. 

    Who was I to fight with anyone over it though? I refused to even go to the gravesite after the one time and here I am ready to crush everyone's hope with thoughts that she might be evil now. It would probably be best for me to keep my mouth shut. 

    "Holy shit!" came Joseph's voice through my thoughts. 

    Dragging myself back to reality I looked up to see billowing flames taking out a small coffee shop in town square. Tons of people stood on the sidewalk across the street, staring at the blaze. Firemen were working hard on putting out the fire so it didn't jump to other buildings while the police struggled to keep everyone calm. It seemed that a few people had been injured judging by the ambulance with it's spinning lights. 

    Joseph pulled off onto the side of the road and the three of us (Joseph, York, and I) ran over to where the crowd was standing. I could tell Joseph was trying to pick someone out so I followed him, all the while looking at the burning flames in front of us. 

    In Riverwood the only interesting things that happened were occasional robberies and fights. Back int he day there was all that werewolf stuff but now days nothing bad had happened. In was fairly quiet here and the people of Riverwood liked that. Having a fire like this was likely to cause a major stir in the system especially since it followed the disappearance of their mayor. It wouldn't be long before any of the humans in Riverwood started to realize something was going down that wasn't right. 

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