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to lukehemmings

i miss petunia
is there any chance in hell you'll let me see her sometime soon?
i'll be in the area with cierra that's all

i was ready for a heart attack seeing you'd dmed me first ahah
of course you can lo, she's yours too and i was stupid and selfish in keeping her

thank you luke!!
i love my baby chai but i do miss petunia
and did you mean what you said?

about me missing you aswell?
of course i did

i don't understand that at all though
how can you really miss me
it's been literally almost a year since we broke up luke

what difference does it make? you were my first love and it's not like i can just switch off how i feel about you

but you've been with arzaylea

me and arz were never in a relationship lola
it was a fling i thought would help and it never did
you found love again and i just got headfucked and did the same in return because i couldn't get you off my mind

i don't know what you expect me to say to that
look can we just talk about this in person i'm exhausted tonight

of course, at least you want to properly talk to me i guess
i don't expect you to say anything love i just thought you should know
right when do you want to come over and see petunia? is friday alright?
we've got promo til then it's my first day off

if that's not a problem?
thanks luke
look as much as i'm still not your biggest fan i'd rather be on good terms so i'm glad we're talking
and as much as i hate to admit it i miss you ever so slightly too, just not our relationship

i'll see you friday, angel
12 okay?

see you then, luke xx


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