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from lukehemmings

i'm not here to "slide back into your dms"
i'm here to ask how you're doing
after everything when we broke up i wanted to see if you're okay after niall

i'm alright, i'm surviving
just about
but i don't know why you care, considering you didn't when it was you i was in bits over

you know i didn't mean to hurt you by completely shutting you out
i didn't want to cut eachother off but i was struggling too i needed to
that's why i'm reaching out now

conveniently because i've just broken up with someone and you think i'm vulnerable enough to just forgive and forget
i don't love you anymore luke
and you didn't seem cut up when you were publicly with arzaylea after a month

i wasn't "with her" after a month lola and you know that stop making me the bad guy please
i loved you so fucking much and i wish things had worked out so none of this would've happened
you don't even know how it felt watching you in niall's arms

are you joking me?
i got publicly slated, called a whore, vilified for our break up and attacked constantly for even knowing niall after us
you got to live the high life with arz and never get a negative bit of press
i thought i loved you too, luke

so you're saying you don't love me and you never did?
and i'm sorry for the way the media treated you lola you never deserved that

maybe i was mislead to think i did, yeah

four years and you have decided that purely because things ended badly they meant nothing?
god, lie to me lola
tell me they did, that you did love me like i love you, at least pretend

maybe i am lying by saying that i didn't love you [undelivered]
if it's not what you want to hear i'm sorry
it was good while it lasted

well i'll leave you alone then i guess
before i go... it was nice to see you happy, even if it was with niall. at least you were happy, that's all i ever want

bye, luke
thank you - i guess
i hope you're well too x

luke sis that *loved was deadass a lie smh

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