•Chapter 38: Royally

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In the car, you break the awkward moment of silence by clearing your throat and looking back at Yoongi

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In the car, you break the awkward moment of silence by clearing your throat and looking back at Yoongi. "Okay, what's going on? How did you know-"

"Is it not obvious?" Hoseok grins, putting a hand up next to Yoongi, his eyes still fixed on you. As Yoongi trails his eyes up to you, he high-fives Hoseok's hand and chuckles. "We heard you guys argue this morning and didn't want to deal with what ever could have happened if you two were still mad at each other for when Y/N had to take the A.P.P.M.A."

"What was all of that about?"

"Hoseok talked to Jiwoo about you guys so she set up a fake test. That serum is actually gonna make you forget you were in that room, but it won't take any other memories away," Yoongi says, absentmindedly placing his hand on Hoseok's leg. "The serum locates the triggering events created recently and cuts through the nerves and cells in your brain so they're disconnected from your mind. They're gonna be invisible memories, just floating in your mind without purpose."

You drop your jaw.

"And you won't even know it," Yoongi smiles. "But you know what's sad??" Hoseok asks Yoongi. "What?"

"They needed help with this."

"Yeah, we're not helping you next time."

You sigh and slowly nod your head. "They're right, we need to know how to deal with our issues," you say to Jimin. "Well, we never asked for their help!"

"It was evident that you needed it, though," Yoongi calmly retorts, "asking wasn't really necessary."

This time, it's you that absentmindedly places a hand on Jimin's thigh, who's grinning like a maniac.

"Yeah, yeah," you grumble, "thanks, guys." Yoongi and Hoseok smile and both clasp their hands together and place them on their lap. "You're welcome," Hoseok says.

"Oh, yesterday was Bangtan's anniversary so we're throwing a ball in celebration of one another tonight," Namjoon suddenly chirps from the front seat.

"Is...is that why?"

"No, they were right earlier," Jimin lowly says, earning from you a rough palm to the forehead. "You're lucky I only had to fight one of those ugly ass demon dogs- wait... what about me getting into Bangtan??"

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