25| The Blind Bachelor.

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25| The Blind Bachelor.

"You're only bringing one suitcase?" Annie asked, lugging the thing into the back of her SUV. She didn't want to bring an excessively expensive car due to not wanting to a) look like a rich snob and b) not wanting to get robbed, so she chose the Hyundai SUV that was kept at the far end of her fathers garage.

"You're bringing more?" Luke chuckled, crossing his arms over his chest and leaning forward to kiss his girlfriend. His girlfriend that he was going on a two week + four day vacation on. That's 432 hours he had with his girlfriend, which is 25920 seconds.

"We don't have make up and multiple shoes and bras to take." Ashton shrugged, slipping in the back of the car and getting ready to set off.

Luke and Annie had decided to invite everyone, those two and Ashton being in one car and the other three in the other. Michael was hard to persuade but Annie managed, which stressed Luke out slightly as to why she could tempt Michael.

Annie assured Luke that he was the only boy she wanted and was interested in at this moment of time, settling his unspoken nerves and allowing him to relax on this vacation.

Calum & Sophie we're going to trail behind them in their car with Michael, Annie also giving them the directions just in case they loose their way.

"Is everyone ready to go?" Annie asked with a sigh of relief, her body being tense all day with nerves and excitement for this trip.

Her parents had already left for their vacation, and the others had already said goodbye to their family members, everyone was in deep need for a get away.

Hopping in the drivers seat, Annie made sure Luke was comfortable and Ashton was ready before starting to drive down the road.

It only took an hour and a half for Ashton to sprawl out on the back seats and fall asleep, arms crossed and a slither of dribble dripping from his mouth. Annie turned the music down, feeling bad for the still heart broken boy and realising he probably hadn't had much rest the past few weeks.

"Hey Luke?" Annie whispered, flicking her eyes from the road to him, squinting as the sun shone brightly on the windscreen.

"Yeah?" He smiled, turning in her direction with an adorable grin on his face, leaning against the back of his seat and staring at his girl. Annie so badly wanted to lean over and kiss his lips, to pull over and just hug him. Instead she reached her hand out, placing it between the seat and skin of his cheek, rubbing her thumb against the rough flesh as she tried to trace his thoughts.

"I think we should help Ash this holiday, y'know, he's still upset about Rosie I think we should cheer him up." Annie whispered, checking in the mirror to see if Ashton was still asleep, he was, the dribble now falling on his shirt causing Annie to cringe.

"Are you saying we need to help him get laid?" Luke chuckled, kissing the ball of her palm as his eyes continued to gaze her way.

Annie snorted, shaking her head and rolling her eyes at the pretty smirk that pulled on Lukes lips. "No, I'm saying we should cheer him up, with like, alcohol or something, whatever he wants to do." She informed, her hand dropping from his cheek to his hand, pulling it up to her lips and giving it a quick kiss. "Whats that?" Her gaze fell to the many caravans and flower-crowned girls entering what seemed to be a field presumable for a festival.

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