why do you love me (fishface x reader)

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this is for Freshy_sans i hope you like it!


(Y/n)'s P.O.V

i was sitting on my roof when it happened a group of turtles that i new so  well came and claimed i was working with Shredder! why would i be i have no clue just because i fell to deep in love with ExEver. they didn't listen to my side of the story so i left. i will pledge my allegiance to him. 

Buckit heads P.O.V (Shredder)

i was sitting in my through when one of the turtles friends burst through my window "What is the meaning of this!" i shouted as i pinned them to the floor with no effort whatsoever 'why are they not fighting' i thought  "i want to join you, the turtles betrayed me. im no longer one of 'them' they claimed me of working with you when i was not but i wish i was." they said bowing their head letting their (h/c) hair fall in front of their face " can you fight?" i asked them as raizaro and Exever walked in "due why would you think i cant" was all they said before taking Razzaro out. "impressive, you may stay but only if you tell me-" " were the turtles lie?" they said cutting me off "how did-" "sewer, about 12 blocks from the empire state master" they said bowing "you may stay Exever show them to their new chambers." i told my dumb lacky "yes master" he said before bringing them out of the room

ExEver's P.O.V

i took (Y/n) to her room and then shut the door behind us so i could flip out "Love why are you here you know its to dangerous?!?!" i shouted "because i love you thats why." they said sassaly "but why! why do you love me?" i asked them "because you showed me kindness and remorse when no one else has." she said "now why do you love me?" they asked "i love you Because"

(Y/n)'s P.O.V

"because you're you, you're funny, kind, loving, understanding, forgiveing, smart, sweet, feisty, brave, and you some how love me back. that's why i love you" he said before kissing me


how was that my friends?

i hope you enjoyed it 

Peace out

By Love's ~Marcellus

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