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"Grayson!" I shout running towards Kyle, he is on the floor cursing and grabbing his chin. "What the fuck is wrong with you?" I'm still yelling to my brother.

"I'm gonna beat your ass!" Josh shouts and I grab him by his shirt and pull him back.

"You come here dumbass!" I get up and I see the rest of the boys shook. "What are you doing standing there? Help me out!" Devin and Brandon come running to Kyle as I get up and walk towards my brother.

"What are you doing with all these guys? You look like a hoe." He shouts at me, that's it. I'm not even gonna waste my time fighting, it's worthless. I get inside de house and grab my car keys and Lonzo from his shirt since he has no idea of what is going on.

"Get your ass here we are leaving," I demand and Zo grabs the pizzas and leaves behind me.

"Where are we going? Why are they fighting? Who is fighting who?" He asks but I'm not gonna answer that.

"Hart drives Kuzma's car, Brandon takes Kyle, Lonzo gets inside my car and Devin get in yours and just all of you follow my car," I yell at everyone and they follow my order quietly getting inside their cars.

"Where the hell are you going, Genesis? Come back here and enter the damn house." I hear my brother but I just ignore him. I'm still confused about what happened, I need answers and I know I'm not gonna get them right now.

I sit and plug my phone, Lonzo is beside me in silence. After 20 minutes of driving, he finally decides to break our silence.

"What happened?"

"That's what I'm trying to figure out Zo," I say with my eyes on the road.

"Do you want a pizza?" He smiles changing the topic.

"That pizza must be cold and disgusting, we will have to throw it away."

"If you touch my pizza, I cut your hand." He threats.

"Chill!!" I say on my defense as we arrive at one of my houses. It's not like I'm rich we just own some houses that are from my grandfather but he doesn't use them anymore, so now they're my mum's.

"Wow, is this yours?" He asks getting out of the car.

"Yes, let's get inside." I walk in opening the door to let everyone in. I forgot that I'm only wearing a freaking shirt and it's so damn cold, thank god I have some clothes in here.

"Who would know that you are rich?" Josh comments.

The boys enter the house and Devin guides them all to the couch and takes a seat. I go upstairs to get myself a hoodie and then down to look for ice for Kuzma's face. As I make my way to the couch I see they have already turned on the TV and they started eating the pizza.

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