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walking on the dark streets of seoul, jeno made his way to a seven eleven so that he could get something to eat.

even though it was the same thing every night, he really didn't care. all that mattered was that it was food, and any food to him tastes good.

no, he wasn't broke. no, he wasn't running out of money.

simply, jeno just liked ramen.

and eating every night wasn't gonna hurt him, was it?

shrugging the thought off, jeno walked into the seven eleven and went straight to the section that the ramen he wanted was in.

he opened the cup and filled it with hot water before going up to the clerk.

the clerk, was another reason jeno would always go every night.

he was so damn cute, he looked a little feminine too maybe. this boy definitely didn't look like he belonged in a convenience store. jeno was wondering why he was working at such a place. but, he wasn't complaining.

he was very cute with his dark chocolate eyes his pink plump lips and to add on to that he had the cutest smile he had ever seen.

jeno admits that if it wasn't for the clerk, he wouldn't be going in every day.

placing the cup on the counter the clerk looked at it and frowned "that's the 25th time this month... Are you ever going to stop eating these?" He asked as jeno hummed.

"i come back everyday. look what day it is." jeno said as the boy looked at the calendar to his left huffing when he saw that it was in fact the 25th of that month.

"and when you quit, yeah maybe." he then muttered under his breath. the clerk didn't catch it though.

the clerk pursed his lips as he ran the scanner over the bar code, jeno handing him the money afterwards.

jeno took the cup of steaming hot noodles in his hands before thanking the boy quietly.

as he turned on his heel to leave the clerk reached over and tapped his shoulder "hey uh you forgot your chopsticks.." he mumbled as jeno's face went red from embarrassment.

"ah... I wasn't paying attention.. " jeno went over to the place where they had all the eating utensils and grabbed a pair of chopsticks.

jeno sheepishly thanked the clerk and had almost walked out, but not before reading his named tag.

na jaemin.

"jaemin..." he muttered aloud to himself when he was far away enough from the store smiling a little when he said the clerks name.

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