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And I am here.... and here for last time... yes....

I feel sad but.. then with this book ending, I am starting the sequel of it... You can see all the details of it at the end.

Who's happy? Who's not? tell me already...

And with KYY3 ending... I feel sad and miserable all over again. I so want them back. Seems like they are for real for me at least. I could imagine me talking to Manik and Nandini about life, about everything. And that is the beauty of the show that they gave such pure relation to us. And i am in love with them all over again.

Anyways... Here's your last excerpt. So I would request to all of my readers please... do vote and comment for the last time on this book.

I have had an amazing time writing this book. It's not just a story for me, but a complete world for me. i have made friends here and they are still with me. And i am happy that my this book gave me so much to me.

I am getting emotional *wipes the tears* but please you all don't cry cause... you guys have the Sequel ready already...! Shout out loud now.






Manik's POV

I sat there grumpily watching her chilling so casually while all my patience and peace was all over the place.

It's almost eight months in her pregnancy and she is so chilled. She eats, she walks, she works even and look at me I cannot even concentrate on anything.

Leaving with no option, I took one or two month break from office. Not like I don't work at all, I do work but from home because all I want is to be there when she has her labour pain.

What if I go for a meeting and she gets her labour pain and they won't be able to reach up to me?

What if she delivers the babies without me being there?

No no... I will be there whenever she delivers our babies.

God I am so excited and no one else is excited as much as me in my whole house.

I looked around to see everyone behaving so normally as there's no excitement. I mean I.... Manik Malhotra is going to be a father in just one month and see them. So boring.

I huffed and pouted.

I looked beside to see my wife sitting silently munching some salad and watching television.

A smile appeared on my face.

"Baby..." I called out without even looking at me she nodded.

"Are yaha dekho to sahi..." I got irritated. So what mothers get cranky while pregnancy in our case everything is otherwise I get cranky when I don't get attention.

"Kya hai Manik... Such nice show is coming see... Look at the hero... he's so handsome... Just look at the way he's kissing her cheeks... so sweet..." My wife practically fangirled over the jerk in the television who was kissing the girl on her cheeks while she was pathetically acting that she was sleeping. Pathetic...

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