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I screwed the cap open and drank greedily, after releasing (some) anger on the poor punching bag. After that, I threw the bottle in the trashcan and left, in desperate need of a shower.

Suddenly, someone grabbed me by the shoulders. Startled, I spun around, and was met face-to-face with Alec. "Ames, Jace tried calling you."

I rolled my eyes. "Until his right state of mind comes back, I'm not talking to that douche."

"Dad and Max are here." Alec informed me.

I squealed, my annoyance slightly melting. "Max is here? I missed him."

I was about to go to the office when I remembered I was all hot and sweaty. "I'm going to take a shower." I announced.

"Ames." Alec called. I turned to face him. "Jace called because he said Magnus needs your help."

I sighed. "Okay."

• • •

Alec and I rushed into the room. And I got there just in time before Magnus collapsed. "Help me." He pleaded, holding out his hand. "I need your strength."

"Take what you need." I told him, clasping his hand in mine. My eyes closed tightly as I felt my energy drain quickly.

I could hear multiple voices in the background, but I paid no attention to them. I had to keep Luke alive.

And then suddenly, it was over. I fell against someone's chest. I realized it was Alec's. "You okay?" He asked softly, moving a few strands of hair away from my face.

"Yeah." I replied, exhausted. "Yeah, I'm okay."

Alec was picking up a few scattered papers when Clary entered the room. I was laying on the couch, wanting nothing more than to sleep.

"Alec, wait. If you and Amelia hadn't gotten here in time, I–I'm just, I'm glad you and Jace are okay now." She said instead.

"I didn't do this for Jace." Alec replied. "And besides, you should thank Ames."

Clary smiled. "Then I'm glad you did it for her, then."

Before I knew it, Alec had picked me up bridal-style and was about to walk out of the room when Jace entered the room.

"Thank you, both of you," he genuinely stated. "Ames, can we talk?"

I leaned my head against Alec's neck. His breath hitched.

"She's exhausted, Jace. I'll let her sleep in a guest bedroom tonight." Alec told him.

"Okay," Jace nodded.

And then I was out like light when Alec set me down on Magnus's guest bed.

• • •

"When you two are ready to talk about whatever you need to talk about, I'm here." Izzy told us, exasperated.

Alec furrowed his eyebrows. "Hey, I talk to you."

"I do, too." I frowned.

"About everything but your personal life." Izzy said. "You know, and it's kind of not fair, because I talk to you about mine all the time. For example, I broke up with Meliorn."

My eyes widened. "Really? Izzy, are you okay?"

"Turning over a new leaf?" Alec asked his sister.

She scoffed. "He was a bit much. Apparently, I need someone more Shadowhunter-ish."

"Izzy, I realize that you're trying to take some of the family heat, and I appreciate it, but you can't change who you are." Alec told his sister.

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