Final chapter! 24

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POV Taemin.

16 years ! 16 years that i became the king and that the pack moved in with me in the castle ! In 16 years i gave rights to the Omega's, i rule as fairly as i can and the people loves me ! My first move as a king was to name Jinki as my advisor and his first advice was to give a job to the pack which i did! And that how Jonghyun became the general of our army, Kibum was named head of the maids and chef, Minho is in charge of the stables, i made Rain teacher of our children and gave Jisung their training ! Our baby is really close to the twin, so close that we moved them in the same bedroom and today is a really big day ! It's their secondary sex test today and the day our little miracle will choose if she wants to be a boy or a girl ! ''Taemin ! Did you saw the kids ? I need them for the test but i can't find them !'' Said Rain ''Not since the breakfast ! They must be in the garden !''i smiled to my friend ''I'm going to see !''

I smiled sweetly and looked at Kibum who passed by. ''You look upset!'' ''And i am! They didn't gave me my morning kiss!'' ''Who Jinki and Minho?'' ''No! The twins!'' I shook my head and watched him go back to work.

''Haaa! I'm going crazy! Where are those kids!'' ''Let me help you!'' I took some stairs and stoped in front of their bedroom. ''Come on little monsters! Get here it's time! We're waiting for you!'' ''Ok we're coming!'' The door opened and we saw the teenagers. ''Come on let's gather in the livingroom!'' We all went downstairs and into the private livingroom we always use. There already sitting on the couch were their parents and my wonderfull husband. ''Today is a big day for everyone but especially for Ha-Neul! Baby did you choose what you want to be?'' ''I want to be a boy!'' ''Are you sure about this?'' ''Yes i am!'' ''Then take the test first! After it you can take the potion and you'll need some rest!'' ''This way please!'' Said Rain and the kids followed. ''I'm so proud of him...what will his name be?'' Asked my Alpha ''I was thinking about Jeonghan!'' ''I love it!'' I smiled and kissed him when an idea popped in my brain ''We should invite the others with their kids for celebration! During diner i'll annonce their secondary sex!'' ''What a wonderful idea!'' ''I'll get everything ready!'' Exclaimed Kibum ''I'll call them!'' Said Jinki and Minho followed them.

After a few minutes later Rain came out with the twins and Jeonghan. ''Are you ready little prince?'' ''Yes!'' I gave him the vial and without a second though he drank it in one gulp. ''Jonghyun moonlight can you carry him to our bedroom?'' ''Of course!'' ''I'll join you in a bit!'' Jonghyun left with our son on his back and i turned to the twin. ''Get ready we have guest coming tonight!'' They ran off to their room and after thanking Rain i left to see my little familly. ''How does he feel?'' I asked Jonghyun who was standing in the entery of the room. ''I guess having a dick growing like that isn't the best feeling in the world!'' ''So sore and strange i guess!'' I walked closer to our bed ''How do you feel baby?'' ''I think...appa...'' ''What? What's wrong?'' ''Appa i have a boner...'' ''That's great! It mean that the change is nearly done! Go and use pur bathroom! You know how to do it right?'' ''Up and down right?'' ''That's it! Once done get ready! We have guest coming!'' Jonghyun and i left to get ready in the dressing room. ''What color did you choose?'' ''Something casual it's just a diner with friend! But tomorrow will be the official report of his secondary sex!'' We got dressed and we stopped in front of their room. ''Go and talk to him ok? I'll make sure everything is ready!'' I nooded and kissed him before entering the bedroom.

''Need some help?'' I asked making him jump a bit. ''Yes please!'' I walked closer to him and put the collar in place and kissed his forehead. ''I'm sorry....'' ''For what?'' ''I feel like a bad father...Jonghyun was always there for you....he was there for your first step when i was away for a meeting...i missed your first word because of a trip aboard...i missed your first shifting...he was always there when i wasn't...'' ''Appa it's ok! I love you just as much as i love dad! It doesn't matter that you missed all of this as long as you're there for my wedding and there to see your grand children it's ok!'' ''I love you so much Jeonghan...i'm so proud of you ! We're proud of you baby...'' ''stop it you're gonna cry!'' I smiled and kissed his forehead. ''In a few day will come your corronation day....are you ready for this?'' ''Yes! Where will you go?'' ''Back to the house we had before you were born! Don't worry you will soon have a lot of good people with you!'' He smiled and i hugged him when a knock was heard. ''Your highness! The concil request your presence as well as your concil!'' Said a women i reconized as the new messenger. ''I'll be there in a bit! Jeonghan go to the livingroom with the twin and wait for us!'' ''Ok appa!'' We went downstairs and parted on the way.

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