Hogwarts - 1943

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Alexandra sat in front of the man she saw moments ago, only he was about forty years younger.

After arguing back and forth with her friends, Alexandra was finally able to convince them to give her a chance. It was extremely risky, especially without a well thought out plan, but it was a risk Alexandra was willing to take. With Voldemort back, it was more dangerous not to try.

"I understand you come here with unimaginable ideas probably given to you by myself," Dumbledore smiled sightly, a twinkle in his eye. "I assume it took me years to find the perfect person for the job."

"Only about forty," Alexandra responded. Dumbledore chuckled lightly, standing up.

"I see you have already been introduced to Headmaster Dippet, as well as sorted into the appropriate house."

Alexandra nodded, looking at the emerald and silver accented robes she held in her hands.

"I hope I can do the Wizarding World some good, sir. Even if it kills me." Alexandra knew what she was getting herself into as soon as she agreed to it. She was the perfect person for the job, as Dumbledore had stated. She knew there was only a slight chance she would make it back to her friends, but she didn't mind as long as she made the world better for them. Besides her friends, she had nothing to lose. Her family was dead like Tom Riddle's was, but the only difference was that they lived long enough to raise her with the love and care that they did, although she could never reciprocate it.

Alexandra was ripped from her thoughts by a knock. Dumbledore winked at her before he allowed the person in. Judging by Dumbledore's actions, she assumed the boy standing in the now open doorway was none other than Tom Riddle.

"I'm here to escort the new student to her common room, professor," Riddle smiled. She could immediately recognize the dishonesty of it.

"Very well," the professor nodded, guiding Alexandra on her way. As soon as the door shut behind them, Riddle strode ahead of Alexandra.

"Do you lack the ability to introduce yourself, sir?" Alexandra called behind him.

"I don't lack the ability to do anything. Some things I just choose not to do," Riddle responded. Alexandra scoffed and rolled her eyes. She didn't expect anything less, yet she still felt bothered by his tone. "If you must know, my name is Tom Riddle. I'm the Slytherin prefect with the unfortunate duties of having to show you around the castle throughout the upcoming days."

"Then I can only assume I have the unfortunate duties of having to follow you around the castle throughout the upcoming days," Alexandra spat back. Riddle's pace slowed for a moment before it picked up again. He couldn't figure out why, but something about her already bothered him, and it wasn't her attitude. "Any girl in this castle would love to follow me around."

"Don't flatter yourself."

Alexandra could see why the girls would 'love to follow him around'. He was nothing less than charming. He was only about a head taller than her and she assumed he was well built by the way his sweater hugged him. His dark hair was styled perfectly and his face held no imperfections, as far as she could tell. He looked nothing like the man he would soon become.

"Pureblood," Riddle stated, watching as the door opened up in front of him. Alexandra didn't even realize they had already made it to the dungeons. It seemed as if they were only walking for a few moments.

"Your dormitory is upstairs, second door to your right. I'll see you early tomorrow morning to escort you to the Great Hall for breakfast. Don't think I won't leave if you're any later than seven o'clock."

He looked at Alexandra for an uncomfortably extended moment before he turned on his heel to head to his dormitory. Tom was infatuated by this girl. He had only known her for a very short time, but he could tell they were similar. They shared sarcasm and wit, but he knew it had to be more than that. Curious, he began asking questions.

"What do you know about the new girl?"

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