Chapter 8

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3rd POV~

Saying Bucky was horrified would be an understatement. After hearing everything his little brother had dealt with he was beyond pissed with the gods. Why would they do that to a kid?! And how could they not notice that he was blind when he spoke? Bucky figured it out when Percy seemed to scoff at the mention of seeing something. Not to mention halfway through Percy talking the kid's contacts stopped working and he had to get up to take them out. Bucky told him he wouldn't tell anyone about it unless Percy was ok with it.

Percy quickly grew to trust Bucky more than most people he knew. Definitely more than anyone else in the tower. In exchange for telling him about the demigod side of things, Bucky told him whats been going on in the mortal world. Both complained to each other about how the two of them were gonna attract every monster in New York. When Bucky mentioned Thor, all Percy did was groan and mutter something about lost hammers, someone named Magnus, and a talking sword. (A/N: HAven't actually had the chance to read more than the first Magnus Chase book soo.... yeah, thats not really gonna be anything more than mentioned once or twice)

The two son's of Poseidon traded stories all through lunch, deciding neither wanted food at the time, until dinner. Then the two went back to the main Avengers floor. It seemed the other avengers gave up on spying on them. Yes, they knew they were watching, Percy's powers could see the camera's in the rooms and hallways. He was planning on short-circuiting the one in his room later that night. They didn't need recordings of his nightmares.

Anyways, Clint was on his Xbox paying some random first person shooter game, Natasha was sharpening her various pointy weapons, Tony was on some electronic that Percy couldn't name, Banner was reading a book, and Steve, well... Steve was looking at his Stark-Phone like it was going to come alive and eat him. Percy and Bucky just looked at each other and shrugged. They continued to talk in Greek, much to the annoyance o everyone else, and Bucky kept asking questions about the happier times at camp hoping to get Percy to crack even a small smile. When that didn't work, Bucky became determined to make his brother smile, genuinely smile not the fake piece of sh*t he hid behind around everyone. He made it one of his top priories, along with beating the crap out of the gods if they decide they need Percy for another death-defying quest any time soon.

(its short, get over it, Its pretty much just a filler chapter)

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