Chapter Six

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Charlotte had nothing to do that morning. She still felt glum after Thomas had just left but she understood that he would never of stayed anyway. Charlotte was really missing her father and all the wonderful advice he would give her, she could do with some right now regarding Tommy Shelby. Before the war her father was mad about horses, absolutely loved them it was almost as if he could speak to them. Charlotte liked horses too, she'd tend the visit the stable by Charlie's yard if Curly would let her to visit all the beautiful beasts in reminisce of her father. She decided that that's what she'd spend her day doing as she didn't have to go to work.

She put on a blouse and a knee length skirt and some boots. She tied up her long dark brown hair and applied minimal amount of makeup. She made her way downstairs and picked up the bottle of whiskey and read the note again. She tore the note off and shoved the bottle in her bag knowing that she'd need it later. It was a nice day, a little cloudy but good for Birmingham.

When she got the stables she was met by Curly.

"H-Hi miss Breen are you here to pet the horses?" Curly asked excitement rising over him.

"I am indeed" She replied with a kind smile on her face.

"B-be careful with that one, she-shes been restless all night" He pointed to a black stallion that wouldn't keep still.

Charlotte made her way towards the beat slowly trying to avoid startling it. She touched the horse's nose slowly and stoke up and down its face.

"Hey, hey shhh shh its okay" She whispered to the horse who instantly calmed down by her touch

Curly watched over them with a big smile on his face.

"Miss i must go, uh-uh Tommy has important work for me" He said shifting on his feet.

"Go Curly, you don't want to disappoint Tommy" She nodded as she spoke.

He hurried off after she said that and she sat down with her back against the stable wall.


Time flew by as she tended to the horses making sure they were well fed and exercised. She decided she felt like a drink at the Garrison so she got up to leave. As she was making her way out of the stables she saw Tommy walking in with a beautiful white horse. He gave her a puzzled look

"What're you doing here Charlotte?" He asked in a perplexed tone. Looking her up and down as he said it.

"Oh-uh I come here sometimes just to say hello to the horses, clear my head a bit" She said worrying he would be mad. He didn't say anything else and just nodded.

She walked over to the beautiful white stallion and stoked its face, the horse was restless and seemed to be in pain.

"He seems in pain Tommy...Is he ok?" she asked as she turned to Tommy.

"He's got a bit of the limp but he should be fine" He said staring into her deep blue eyes which were an extreme contrast to his own. They both felt the tension between them, they didn't really know what else to say.

"Do you want to share a drink?" Charlotte asked pulling out the whiskey from her bag not really knowing what she was saying until she said it. 

"I actually have things to do" He said as he lead the horse over to the stable.

She returned he whiskey to her bag and began to walk away.

"Wait! Meet me at the Garrison at 7 pm" Thomas shouted after her. He changed his mind, he couldn't bare to see such a beautiful face look so disappointed. She smiled to herself and walked home wondering why he changed his mind.

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