Jotaro Kujo: Part 1, Limited Edition Heart

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Literally just about looking at crabs with the Joot Joot, there is a part two in the works because we're all sluts for this boi

The picture is mine 

The sea waves tumbling up the cliff side broke into crunched, creamy foam before crashing into the salty ripples with a splash. Cerulean sky quietly hung over the seascape, like chiffon on the shoulders of a Duchess. Taking in some air, a sharp sigh came from behind you. Folding your arms, you glared at the pair of piercing eyes staring you out.
"If you didn't want to come, you didn't have to!" All you got in return was a grunt. Burrowing his hands in his pockets, he continued to walk beside you.
"We're in enemy territory. I'm sure Jiji would have a heart attack if you didn't come back."
"Oh, look Jojo! Look!" The Japanese boy did seem to lowkey show some interest, leaning towards you to see where you were pointing. "There's some rockpools over there, there might be some crabs!"
"I don't wanna look at stupid sea animals."
"You're such a miserable bastard–!" Before you could move even a single inch, your arm was in his strong grasp.
"No." Attempting to shake him off, he eventually just let go, leaving you to fall arse first into the sand. Leaping up, he thought you were kinda cute when you were agitated. When your skin was flushing and you were yelling abuse at him. There had been sexual tension between the pair of you since the start, but Jotaro was too awkward to initiate anything, especially in front of the others. You were just teasing him now, waiting for the moment when he would snap and give you what you wanted.
"What the fuck is wrong with you?"
"Whoops. Must have lost my grip there," holding his arms up, they turned into a shrug, a smirk plastered across his face. You didn't think he realised how handsome the bright eyes were against his dark scowl and deep, ebony locks. "Looks like you'll have to go back to the hotel and change. You've got sand on your ass."
"Shut your fucking whore mouth, or I'll shove it in it!"
"Which one, your ass or sand?"
"The fuck did you just say? Jojo when I get hold of you I'll...!" He began to run up the beach, grinning every now and then when you threw shells at him. He didn't seem that bothered when you had a go at him, Hell, he was actually playing with you.
"Fine, we'll look at the stupid crabs if you just shut up. Yare yare."
You began to turn over some moderately sized ones, eventually finding one of the eight legged crustaceans scuttling away. He glanced over when you flung your body towards the ground, bending right over to attempt to pick it up. He felt a small burn in his lower stomach as your sandy ass wiggled in the air. It was an odd feeling, one he only associated with nearby danger. There didn't seem to be anything around, why did he feel like this? He wanted to touch it and slap it. He often fantasized over it. Just grabbing you by the waist, pinning you to the sand, trying not to smirk at the shock on your face because of his boldness. Giving the bay a quick once over to spend a moment calming the hormones down, he was met with you pinching a crab's shell with your fingers when he returned his look. Your achieved smile triggered the smallest blush across his cheeks.
"See, aren't they cute, Jotaro!"
His blue eyes stared at the shelled creature, it's claws nipping to get out of your grasp.
Why weren't you scared of it?
Weren't girls scared of things like that?
Placing it down with a slight simper, you looked for some more, finding a few more and spewing out useless facts about sea creatures and crabs. Jotaro even hesitantly helped lift a few rocks, since it seemed to make you happy, (though he never admitted that, not even to himself) resulting in finding some monster creatures.

An hour passed, and the teenage boy was becoming a bit restless. The tide was beginning to go out, too. Lighting a cigarette, he looked out to sea, thinking about what you might have been thinking.
"Jojo... Look at that." Looking over his shoulder, you were pointing at a cavern, previously blocked by the close tide. You met his eyes, boring down at yours. They weren't as mean as usual, they were sort of soft when they looked at you. Surprisingly, so was his next statement.
"Whhhhhy? Don't you want adventure?"
"Stop your bitching and moaning, it's so fucking annoying!"
"Can't we have one look?"
"I said no, don't test my patience."
"Jiji said no."
"What Mr Joestar doesn't know won't kill him. Why do you care anyway?"
Jotaro was stuck. He couldn't admit. He actually just didn't want you to get hurt, even though your Stand, Limited Edition Heart, was a waterbound one, a layer of scales over your body and a tail as well as the ability to shoot lazers. You were a mermaid in simple terms, a fish and a woman. Two things Jotaro sort of liked and a Stand humans could see and touch, such a rarity had to be kept safe. That's what he thought anyway. Sighing, he covered his eyes with his hat. Losing his patience, the Japanese boy grit his teeth. He guessed he could spare ten minutes.
"Right. Whatever. Just don't cause me any trouble."

The cave was just a pool of water, stalagmites hanging from the ceiling like prehistoric chandeliers.
"See. Just some shitty water." He flicked your nose, turning his back to walk away. "Let's go. I'm bored."

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