Awkward dinner?!

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The dinner was awkward. Some laughs were shared but only forced ones. Chic didn't speak at all, just nodded and faked smiles along to FPs shit jokes.
"So, mom, mr Jones, how do you two know each other?" Chic finally spoke.
"School." Alice answered quickly. "We passed each other in the halls a bit..."
"But mom?" Betty trailed off. That was unexpected.
"That wasn't just the only time though Alice?" FP started. "You know your mom was In the serpents with me right Betty, Jug?" They nodded ready for the story FP was about to tell.

****italics is what FP is telling the family****


The first time I saw your mom, Alice here, was at my house. The place I met your Mum was sunny side trailer park...
I can't remember all of it because of how long ago it was but I do remember her sitting outside my trailer lighting a cigarette.

"You got a problem?" The girl flicked her cigarette on the floor and stared up at the southsider who was now leant slightly to her side.
"Not really, just wondering if I could get into my house?" FP laughed and joined the girl on the floor. "May I ask why your ass is parked on my floor?" The girl laughed, placing a few strands of her blonde hair behind her ear and looking at FP.
Once he finally got to see her face, he smirked. She was gorgeous!
"So you want me to move, I will. I'll find another porch to smoke up and hopefully crash at" she picked up her small bag and began to pack away.
Then, suddenly, it started raining. Not much at first but it soon came down heavier.
"I can't force a beautiful girl like you to sleep in the rain now can I?" They both laughed as FP grabbed Alice's hand and lead her inside.


"This is all going over my head, mom why weren't you living at home?" Betty placed down her fork and stared at her mom.
"Betty..." FP looked over as Alice shook her head.
"No, FP. It's fine" she gave him a quick look, one that looked like she was screaming for help. He glanced back at her, nodding as he did.
Betty, Jughead and Chic shared confused looks as Alice began her story. 

We moved to riverdale because my parents needed a fresh start. They used to go out all the time and... they left me alone at the house. It doesn't sound that bad until you hear the next part. They did it my whole life, I can remember trying to ask my parents if they could come watch a school performance when I was eight, but my dad told me no and hit me. Yes, my father is just as bad as yours Elizabeth.

We moved when I was 13, meaning I was starting to see how shit my life was. My parents were always drunk and I was out every night smoking with random people who left me whenever I tried to talk to them.

Then, one night, I was in my room doing homework when I heard screams coming from down stairs. I dropped my pencil and ran downstairs. I thought they had just dropped there beer bottles or some shit but when I got there I saw something I never wanted to see, my dad on the floor, pale and covered in beer stains, and my mom, moving slightly on the floor. I knew it was over as tears spilled rapidly from my eyes, I ran to her and knelt by her side.
"Mom please?!" I said between sobs.
She lifted her arm lightly and pointed to the table, with a note lay on it. I felt more tears fall as I gripped onto her hands. I knew she was a shit mother and that she didn't give a Fuck what happened to me but, deep down, I knew she cared about me. It all happened so fast as I said my goodbyes.
"I love you Alice..." with that she fell completely still on the floor. My mom didn't die from an overdose like my dad, actually, she didn't want to have the police find her so she took her own life. I remember freezing still for a while, shocked at the loss, but soon I stumbled up to find the note my mom referred to,

Dear Ali,

Honey I never wanted to hurt you, you were one of my only hopes for a future. I feel you won't believe me when I say this but I went to that play, your schools recreation of 'lamb lamb' was amazing, but your father wouldn't come. He had, has, a problem. He's addicted to alcohol and drugs, but I saw the way he treated you. And I'm sorry.

I love you and your father, but he's gone and as you read this, so am I.
But i ask one favour before you call the ambulance or the police, pack a bag with all your things you want to keep and get out of the house. Call the police then, and you can choose your future after that. Live like you've never dreamed.

To help you along, there's a bag of cash under my bed, take it and buy yourself a new home, or give it to charity, I don't give a fuck, just be safe ali.

Lots of love
Léna (mom)

Alice began breaking down as FP stood from his chair and moved to the one next to Alice. They were all in shock, what could they say, she was abused by her parents who both died at the age of 14. FP didn't make any move, just held her hand and played with her ring, not a wedding ring just one of her old ones. One that made her feel more accepted into society.

Anyway, I did as she said. My parents had 1 grand under there bed, that my mom hid for my college form or some bull shit. After packing a small bag with everything I need, including food, I ran outside, glancing at the lifeless bodies on the floor for only a split second. I decided to call the police, but leave the address and lie that I was passing by and the door was open. I saw them carry out my parents in two separate yellow bags, and chucked into the back of a van. My heart broke into two as I ran. I didn't know where but I ran, and I ended up at sunnyside, where I met you, FP...

Alice's face was soaked with tears as Betty closed her mouth and began to speak,
"Mom, I'm so sorry... I didn't know"
"Yeah, mom you're the strongest solider out there!" Chic looked sympathetically at his mom and saw Jughead hold Betty's hand under the table. They didn't know....
"Alice, your parents didn't die in a fire did they!?" FP wasn't angry, no he wasn't the type of guy to get mad at someone's loss.
"No, this is the reason I was smoking on your porch. I'm so sorry..." FP didn't hesitate, he wrapped his arms around Alice as she sobbed into his arms. It was as if the world had stopped, but it hadn't and Betty and Jughead were incredibly confused.

This was so hard to write, as it's such a hard topic to talk about, because it happens to people. There are people out there and I have no life so u can talk to me, dm me or message me, (Insta- riverdale.daddy.xd)
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