Chapter Ten

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While on their way to Bed Bath & Beyond to pick out stuff for Frexy's room, Freddy and Foxy noticed how quiet it was in the car, Foxy turned around to check on Frexy and Springtrap to see if they're doing alright, Springtrap was staring at his phone while Frexy was sleeping peacefully, he smiled at her and then turned back around.

"How are they doing back there?" Asked Freddy.

"They're doing fine, Frexy is sleeping while Springtrap is just watching something on his phone."

"Good, let's hope it stays like this when we get to the store."

6 minutes have passed and they made it to Bed Bath & Beyond without any disturbance, they went to find a parking spot but they noticed how packed the parking lot was, it was like Black Friday all over again, luckily they're able to find a spot to rest the car, Freddy, Foxy, and Springtrap got out of the car at the same time, Foxy went to wake up Frexy who was still passed out in the back seat.

"Frexy, wake up, we're at the store now." He said to her in a calm voice as he shook her shoulder.

Frexy tiredly got up and got out of the car, she closed the door and began following Foxy and everyone else.

"Alright, here's something important you need to know, look both ways before crossing the road, if you see a car coming, you have to wait for them to pass by or stop for you to cross."

"I'll remember." Said Frexy.

Freddy, Foxy, Frexy and Springtrap all stopped at the stop sign where multiple cars were going in two different directions in front of the store, it almost took 12 minutes for the area to clear up, everyone had to make sure there wasn't any more cars coming though, luckily there were none, they crossed from the stop sign to the store safely.

"Alright, we made it, I wonder why it's so busy today." Said Freddy as he scratched the back of his head confused.

"Who knows, maybe there's a sale going on or something." Added Foxy.

"You're right, Foxy, look on the window." Said Springtrap pointing at the poster.

Foxy looked at the window Springtrap was pointing to, the poster read;


"Hmm...doesn't sound too bad of a sale, let's go in guys and girl." Said Freddy as he held the door for everyone.

As they entered the store, they couldn't believe how crowded the place was, Freddy thought about what to do to separate the crowd, then he had an idea! He whistled as loud as he could so everyone could get his attention, they all turned at him and made way for him and his friends.

"See, it works every time." Said Freddy.

Everyone laughed for a moment.

"Wow! Everyone must really know you well I'm guessing." Said Frexy.

"Yeah, we became popular when we worked at the pizzeria but our first place was torn down because of me and we opened another one but quickly went out of business after Freddy killed Golden Freddy and we both went to prison for life." Explained Foxy.

"You went to prison before?" Frexy asked him.

"Yeah, for stabbing the night watch in the head with my hook, I thought he was going to kill us." Replied Foxy. "Alright, I'll tell you that story another time, we need to focus on finding the wallpaper."

Foxy, Freddy, and Frexy all went together to find the aisle where they display different kinds of wallpaper, luckily they're able to find it, Foxy and Freddy made Frexy look at them and see what she would want, there was a lot to choose from but she remembered that she had to pick one, after 9 minutes of looking, Frexy found the perfect one, this wallpaper was ice blue with snowflakes and purple flowers scattered all over it, she loved it!

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