Chapter 20

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I awake to someone shaking me. It's a nurse. I must have fallen asleep.

"Sir, visiting hours are over." she says.

I nod and lift my head from the edge of Junior's bed. A jacket falls off of me. It's Vic's. He must have draped it over me so I wouldn't get cold.

I smile and put it on. It's still warm so I guess he must have left not that long ago.

I stand up, stretch then kiss Junior's forehead.

"I love you." I whisper.

Then I leave the room, walking past the nurse who is holding the door. I go down to my car and start heading home.

I think a lot about Lisa on the way home. She just doesn't understand that all I want to do is keep her safe. Especially with what happened to Junior.

I should talk to her when I get home, explain my concerns. And maybe I should consider giving her a little more freedom. She's right. She's not a prisoner and I shouldn't keep her caged up like one.

It's half past eight when I get home so assume the girls have eaten.

I enter the house and find Tony and Mike asleep on each other on the sofa. Mike worries me. All he does is get high and sleep.

Chrissy is in front of the TV watching a horror movie while eating ice-cream.

"Hey Honey, where's your sister?" I ask confused.

She just shrugs.

"She hasn't left her room all night." Chrissy says.

I nod and jog upstairs. She must be really upset. I go down to her room and knock but get no answer.

"Lisa honey, can we talk?" I sigh but get no response. "Buttercup, open this door."

But still nothing.

Concerned, I just open the door. Anxiety courses through me when I discover the room is empty. I rush down to all the other rooms in the house but she doesn't seem to be here.

"Chrissy! Where's your sister?" I yell running back into the living room.

"Is she not in her room?" Chrissy asks confused.

"No, did she tell you if she was going anywhere?"

"No, like I said, I thought she was in her room." Chrissy says.

I start freaking out. She's obviously not here and I'd have no idea where she'd be and then it hits me.

"Chris, do you know where that party would be?" I ask her.

Chrissy nods and blurts out the address.

"Okay, go start the car for me. I'm going to call your Papa." I tell her.

I toss her the keys and she leaves as I pull out my phone. Vic's quick to answer.

"Vic, is Lisa with you?" I ask him urgently.

"No, why? Is she not with you?" Vic answers anxiously.

"She snuck out. I think she's gone to a party. I'm going to text you the address. Can you help me find her?" I ask hopefully.

"Yeah of course. I'll meet you there." he says then hangs up.

I get into the car with Chrissy in the passenger seat then pull out of the driveway quickly. My tires screech against the road as I speed off.

I race down to the party and am instantly anxious when we arrive. There's so many people, the music is loud and there's alcohol everywhere.

"Stay in the car. Keep an eye out. Call me if you find her." I tell Chrissy before getting out of the car.

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