A cold death

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I did not lose my mind waiting for him this time.

At first I had just sat there, on the bed, waiting for him. But I soon got bored, and ate some of the food which we had brought down with us earlier. I picked up one of the three books that lay scattered on the floor. I had thrown them at the wall in outrage the last time I was imprisoned here. I started to read it again. I was closing in on the end chapter of the book when I ended up falling asleep, the book falling onto the bed, right beside me. And that was how he found me, a few hour later, when he returned.

I startled awake as I felt arms sliding underneath my legs and shoulders. My frightened eyes met his brown ones.

"What.. What are you doing?" I nervously stammered at him, trying to get out of his grasp.

"Bringing you upstairs." He answered, loosening his grip on me, allowing me to crawl out of his hands.

"I...I can walk" I stammered, feeling vulnerable after waking up in his arms so unexpectedly.

I scurried off of the bed, leaving him there, making a beeline for the door. My heart beating sligtly faster than normal. I knew he would follow me, but I wanted some distance from him, if only for an instant. He caught me by the wrist, stopping me. I stood there, my back to him, as I felt the proximity between us lessening untill he was flush up against my back. His hand was still around my wrist, his grip firm.

"Turn around" His silky voice purred. I tensed at the sound, not sure if I wanted to comply.

"I wont ask you twice Iris." He used my name, his breath brushing against my neck.

I slowly turned, my gaze fixed upon his chest. He liftet my still captive hand up, and placed it on his shoulder, leaving it there. Then he proceeded to do the same with my other hand.

"I still havent gotten my morning kiss." He purred as his hands snaked around my waist.

"Its not morning" I retorted, trying to pull away from him, my heartrate speeding up even more.

"Hmmmm.. You where asleep, so its morning." He said as he started to lean in for the kiss, wanting to claim his price.

I shook my head at him. What kind of half assed logic is that! I wanted to scream at him. "Is this how its going to be every morning from now on?" I whispered instead, his mouth only a breath away from mine.

"Yes" He replied against my lips, as he began his gentle assault on them, and I bit him. Not hard enough to draw blood, but hard enough to hurt. He pulled back from me, as I released his bottom lip from between my teeth. His hodded eyes gazed down at me, burning me. I felt my resolve falter, and started shaking in his arms.

"Are you sure that you want to play this game" His voice came out hoarse, filled with lust and something else I could not discern, as he leisurely licked his bottom lip.

That was so far from the result I had been aiming for! I just wanted him to stop, to leave me the hell alone. I swallowed, my mouth like a desert. I stared up into his intimidatingly handsome face, watching a smirk slowly grace across it. His eyes were sizzling, and I paled at the quiet fury I saw in them.

"N...no... Im sorry..B..B..Bryan.. Please.." My voice cracked, my fear of him growing again, the small trust I had placed in him faltering.

He removed one hand from around my waist, cupping my face with it, and gently caressed my bottom lip with his finger. Stroking my lip lightly at first, then adding a bit of preassure.

"Dont be sorry" He murmured, and I started to relax against his hard body again untill his finger suddenly slid between my lips and into my mouth. My eyes widened, shocked at the sudden intrution. "Just know that actions have consequenses, and be sure that you want the consequenses your actions induce." He added, his voice hardened. His finger dominating my mouth, sliding on top of my tounge. It felt so obscene, so wrong. I wanted to pull back from him, but couldnt. I was to afraid to even contemplate biting his finger invading me, too afraid to move.

He removed the offending finger from my mouth, and slowly licked it with a flick of his tounge, tasting.

"Consequenses Iris" He purred. "Be glad that I didnt bend you over that table over there and fuck you from behind" He threatened. His silky voice not matching his cutting words.

I froze in his arms, tears falling freely down my cheeks now. "You promised" I cried. My shoulders shaking, my hands trembled as they clutched on to his shoulders.

"You said that you would never force me!" I screamed at him, both angry and scared at the same time. My emotions crashing against eachother.

"I wont" He said, his voice holding a string of anger, his face hard, his calm surface starting to come undone.

I didnt believe him. I pushed agains his hard chest, trying to get out of his fierce grip. It did not work, it only resulted in him tightening his hold on me.

"Let go of me!" I screamed up at his face, clawing at his chest now, out for blood.

"No!"He thundered, he had never raised his voice at me before, he had always stayed calm, collected. Anger consumed his dark eyes as I contiued my assault against his ripped torso.

"I dont want to do this anymore!" I shrieked into his face "I want the second choice!" My mind reeling at the betrayal, the frustration, the fear, the constant uncertainty. I was to tired of being afraid, of being controlled by him.

He let go of me the instant the words left my mouth. I almost fell over as I stumbled to regain my balance. I looked up at him, shocked at my sudden freedom. And what I saw in his eyes chilled me to the bone. He had gone stone cold, all emotions where turned off, the real monster was peeking out, and I wanted nothing more than to run from there screaming at the top of my lungs, just from the mere sight of him.

I dont want to die. I dont want to die. I dont want to die! I dont want to die!! I screamed the words loudly inside my head, the mantra repeating as I stood frozen in front of this predator, just waiting to be hunted down and slaughtered. I dont want to die! I dont want to die! I dont want to die! I dont want to die! I dont want to die!!!!

"This is the first and only time I will allow you to utter those words without instantly granting your wish Iris." His icy voice pierced through the defening silence. "So you better be very sure that you actually have a deathwish before those words ever grace your lips again."

I sank down to my knees, my legs had lost all their strenght not being able to keep me up any longer.

"Do you understand Iris" His chilled voice demanded.

"Yes" I croacked bleakly, as I nodded my head, my breath shallow.

He stepped closer, bent down, and pulled me into his firm arms, lifting me up from the cold concrete floor. I just hung there hollow in his arms, numb to everything around me as he walked out of the basement. This close encounter with death forcing my eyes wide open, I desperatly wanted to live. The realization terrified me, the power he now had over me because of it simply terrified me. And there was abselutly nothing I could do about it, because death was not an option anymore, he had taken that away from me.

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