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"What do we do with her?" Eve heard someone ask as she walked down the hall towards the common room. She stopped and listened to them, but she couldn't tell anyone's voices apart yet besides Bucky's.

"It's not like Shield is going to roll over for us."

"She could be a helpful ally in the future."

"You want to make her an Avenger? She's been here a day."

"She was able to take us on. She froze Cap, buried Thor, landed Sam without touching him, and held off Bucky."

"We don't know her."

"She hasn't run away yet. I know that I would try if I was captured. She did run from Shield, she hasn't from us." Eve heard Bucky explain this. She couldn't help but feel slightly better knowing he defended her.

"We've only known her a day, that's why we get to know her before we decide."

Eve proceeded to hear dispersing footsteps so she quickly went back to her room. Once inside, she waited by the door for a moment, then reentered the empty hall. She listened in again to hear a few people in the kitchen and some downstairs. Eve turned herself invisible, then slid past the common area to go down the stairs.

Once downstairs, she walked through the large empty space. Eve heard loud clicks coming from a room a little further down. When she made it to the room, she peered in to see Sam drop the weights on the ground in the middle of the gym. Cap, Bucky, and Natasha all surrounding him, leisurely sitting on other equipment.

Bucky looked up at Eve as she stood in the doorway. Nat followed his gaze to see Eve, causing her to stand and walk over.

"Would you like to join us? You don't actually have to do anything." Nat smiles at Eve and leads her back to the group.

"You're the girl that threw a tornado at me," Sam said and stood when Eve joined. "Nice to meet you."

"And the girl that froze me," Cap smiled as he spoke.

"And the girl that caught me on fire and punched me in the face." Bucky gave her a half smirk, as if proud.

"I'm sorry about that," Eve tried, but Natasha stopped her.

"It's about time they got their ass handed to them." Nat sat back on another piece of equipment.

"Plus I don't think you're actually sorry," Sam said.

"You're right." Eve laughed a little at his comment.

"You want to stay and watch us spar?" Nat stood as she asked Eve and then walked over to a section of the room with wood floors and a mirror wall. The men followed her as Eve trailed behind.

"Spar?" Eve questioned.

"Fighting, but a little fake," Steve explained and walked out on the middle of the floor with Natasha. They began fist fighting each other, going at a rapid speed. After a couple of moments, Natasha landed a punch on his chest to make Cap fall to the ground. Bucky and Sam stepped up next.

"I've been waiting all week for this," Sam said smiling while putting his fists up in front of his face.

"We'll see," Bucky said with a playful smirk. Eve watched while smiling at the fight. Out of the corner of his eye, Bucky saw Eve smile fully. That was the first time he's seen that from her, making him want to do it more. It felt good making people smile.

While Bucky was sidetracked, Sam manages to land a punch on Bucky's face, knocking him to the ground. Eve laughed wholeheartedly, making Bucky stop on the floor. If that's what it took, he was willing to get his ass beat all day.

"Pulling your punches?" Sam offered Bucky a hand.

"Don't worry, it's just a facade," Bucky said and grabbed Sam's hand tightly, throwing him on the ground next to him. Bucky then rolled over him and returned Sam's punch. Eve laughed again, causing Bucky to smile to himself as he got off Sam.

"Would you like to try, Eve? No powers, just hand to hand." Natasha offered to Eve and nudged her shoulder. Eve slowly walked over as Natasha followed her. They stood across from each other, then Natasha threw a direct punch at Eve. Eve redirected Natasha's arm away by holding up her forearm to meet Nat's then guiding past her. The fighting continued until Eve then landed a soft hit to the side of Nat's face. Nat didn't even move because it felt like Eve just lightly touched her.

"You could have hit me, that is the point of this," Nat laughed as they both stood normally.

"I didn't want to hurt you, we just met," Eve smiled at her.

"I want to see what you can really do. Bucky?" Nat asked Bucky, making him immediately nervous.

"I don't think–" Bucky was cut off by Nat.

"Don't worry, I don't think she'll hurt you," Cap said and winked at Bucky. Bucky stood and cautiously walked over to Eve. Bucky knows they had fought before, but this was sparring so it won't be as intense.

Eve threw the first punch, expecting to be blocked. She was, so she quickly threw her other hand to meet his jaw lightly. Bucky grabbed her hand as she tried to pull away and hit her exposed side with his right arm. He then twisted her arm behind her back to stop her. In retaliation, Eve lopped her foot behind his and spun, knocking them both to the ground, but Eve landing on her feet crouched down and Bucky on his back.

He then kicked her to the ground once she stood. A tie yet again. The others laughed at them.

"That was something," Cap said. He helped Bucky up as Sam helped Eve. When Bucky stood he looked at Eve. She readjusted her hair and clothes before heading over to Nat.

"Buck?" Cap tried to get his attention again.

"Huh?" Bucky jerked his head back.

"She must have hit you harder than expected," Cap said with a laugh then lazily threw his arm over Bucky's shoulder and led the group back upstairs.

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